Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Being Human

My latest obsession is a BBC Three show called Being Human. Wikipedia describes Being Human as a British supernatural drama television series. It stars Aidan Turner as Mitchell, a vampire; Russell Tovey as George, a werewolf; and Lenora Crichlow as Annie, a ghost who are all trying to live a normal life.

Of coure their lives are anything BUT normal. I know this show has been around a while and now there is even an American version on SyFy but I'm hooked on the BBC version.

A couple of Saturdays ago, I was home and picking up a bit and had watched Graham Norton the last time I had the television turn on so it was still on BBC America when I turned on the TV. There was a show coming on called Being Human and I click the Info button to see what it was about.
What? A vampire, ghost and werewolf trying to live a normal life - sounded dumb I thought but kept it there to see what it was like anyway, 10 minutes into it I was already hooked and crazy about Mitchell (which turns out is his last name), George and Annie. I thought, well, I will watch this first episode since it is the first show....
...4 hours later....

I'm still watching and had plans that evening so decided to record the rest - they were showing all of season 1, season 2 and at the end of the marathon was the premier of season 3 - I recorded them all and have since watched all of seasons 1-2. I now have 2 shows from season 3 to watch and I will be up-to-date.

I was sad at the end of last season - not because Mitchell's love interest, Lucy was killed, not because Annie was dragged through the door into the abyss (although I did hate that part, she resurfaced a little so I hope she comes back - since Mitchell and George are going to try to get her back ... but no.... I was sad because they left their home - I liked that place, I especially loved George's David the Gnome Walllpaper. I am going to miss that wallpaper. This is not the kind of bedroom you expect a werewolf to be sleeping in.

There are not that many shows I enjoy watching anymore but I just love this show!

I love the friendship between the three, the challenges they face, the humor of the show (yes there is some). It is like a supernatural soap opera in a way.

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