Friday, January 27, 2023

Prayer Shawls # 4 & 5

 I am part of a prayer shawl ministry at our church.  I am so happy to be part of this group.  I have been wanting our church to do this for years and we started last year.  I was hoping to make at least 6 last year.  I was able to finish 3.  I'm okay with that - that means 3 people were prayed for by me the entire time I was making it for them and I hope the shawls brought them comfort and peace.  I don't always know who they will go to but I know they will go to someone who needs prayer.

If you want to learn more about a Christian prayer shawl, you can read more on Lion Brand Yarn's website by clicking HERE.

I would like to knit/crochet at least 6 shawls this year.  Really, I would like to make 12 but I am setting a realistic goal for myself.

I've already completed 2 and I am starting on my 3rd one today.

Here are the 2 I completed this month - both crocheted.

This one is called To The Point and is made with Yarn Bee Sugarwheel yarn in the color Saturday Sundae. I wasn't sure about the colors at first but I really ended up liking them. It was yarn I had it my stash for a few years, so I was glad to finally put it to good use.

Honestly, the pattern wasn't written exactly right because it would say "double crochet in the next space"but the next space was a chain space and what they really meant was to double crochet in the double crochet on the row below.  But once I figured out what they meant, the pattern was actually pretty easy to follow and memorize...I am sure I will be making this pattern again.

The other one I made is what I call the original prayer shawl pattern.  The first time I heard about prayer shawls was when I saw this one in a Lion Brand pattern book and it made me interested in making them.  Someone had donated some Homespun yarn to our church and I decided to take advantage of that.  Homespun yarn is super, super soft...perfect for a prayer shawl.

In addition, I've really been having problems photographing these shawls and seeing what they look like from behind.  I have thought about getting a torso stand just for this purpose and I found one that was super cheap on Amazon, so I decided to go for it.

The last time our prayer shawl group met at church, I discovered we still had some donated Homespun yarn, so I picked up a couple of matching skeins for the next prayer shawl, which I will be knitting.

Friday, January 6, 2023

Welcome to 2023 - Here are some goals!

 I've mentioned before that I don't really make New Year's Resolutions anymore but I do still set goals...they are not all "annual" goals but just goals in general. are some goals I have currently have 

Bible/Prayer Time

I am currently following THIS READING PLAN if you would like to follow along with me.  I also listen to THIS PODCAST as I read.  While I am not Catholic, Father Mike's explains the passages that we read and it helps give me a bit of clarity and insight to God's word. 

I've really been praying and talking to God a lot so far this year...there is so much to thank Him for and so many people to pray for...honestly, I could pray like 24 hours a day and not cover everyone I want to.  I pray each morning after rising and each evening before going to bed, but more than that...I mean I pray all the time - in the car, at work, there is always time to prayer.  

My friend Amanda used to have a  method of praying and I'm not sure if she still does that.
On Monday, for example, she'd pray for friends, on Tuesday, she'd pray for the world, on Wednesday, she'd have gratitude prayers, something along those lines (I can't remember exactly).  But I'm more of a mish-mash and pray about a whole array of things every day.

I kind of follow the ACTS way

A – Adoration

Begin your prayer in adoration and praise of God. Let yourself be filled with wonder at who God is and how He desires to be with you, always.

C – Contrition

Next, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you your sinfulness and need for God’s mercy and grace. Name to God particular sins you need forgiveness for at this moment.

T – Thankfulness

Spend some time now thanking God for the gifts in your life. Try to notice the gifts you often take for granted. 

S – Supplication

Lastly, lift up your cares and concerns to God. Pray for the people in your life, for those who are suffering, for the needs of all people throughout the world. Ask God to show you who to pray for today. 


Crafty Time

I am incorporating all crafts into this...I would like to make at least 6 prayer shawls this year (one every other month) for our church members who need comforting.

I want to finish up a couple of afghans that I have in progress - one is VERY old and I have a few more in mind that I would like to make.

I haven't been part of the dishcloth swap on Ravelry in a few years but I would like to participate this year.

Cricut time - I finally want to learn how to use HTV and make a t-shirt or two.  I know exactly what I want the first shirt to be...I just need to watch some videos and learn how to do it.  I also want to get together with my friend, Pam and show her how to use her Cricut.  I also would like to make my Christmas cards this year.  The hard part is deciding on a design.

Painting - would love to do some water coloring this year.

Scrapbooking - continue with my daily Project Life photos and perhaps even do a bit of "old fashioned" paper scrap booking


Healthy Time

Like most people, I want to have a healthier lifestyle.  I do fairly well, but know I could do better, especially on the exercise front.


Project Time 

There are still a few projects at home I want to do - not major but some organization things, going through old family photos and putting them together (photos that were in my late brother's possession and I now have), setting up an office/craft room, working on my family tree and genealogy research.This are not necessarily big projects but they are some that will take a lot of time...since I am planning on retiring this year...hopefully that will give me the time I need to do some of these things.

There are lots of other goals I have but I can't do everything I want to do so I just try to narrow my focus a little. We shall see how it steps are the key - just don't bite off more than I can chew and take baby steps - remember...just put one foot in front of the other to get started

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

2022 Year in Review & December Project Life

Well, 2022 is behind us now and we are in 2023.  That sounds so odd to say to me...I mean, it honestly doesn't seem like 23 years ago when all the hullabaloo about Y2K was going on - that was 23 years ago!! My godson was a new born babe and now he is a grown man, living on his own with his beautiful girlfriend and is a police!

So...How did I finish with my 2022 Goals?

1) Daily Bible Reading/Prayer - I was doing great and then the holiday season came upon us and well..I slipped a bit and didn't finish my 2022 reading plan, but I did read the Bible almost every day.

2) Weight Loss/Eat Healthier/Exercise - I didn't meet the weight loss goal I had in mind but I do weigh less at the end of 2022 than I did at the beginning, so that is a plus.

3) Watercolor - a bust.  I didn't do any painting at all in 2022 - how sad...

4) Crochet/Knit - pretty good - I crocheted 20 hats for the homeless and a prayer shawl and started a new afghan.  All were crochet and looking back, I am surprised I didn't knit anything in 2022. 

5)  Personal Journaling - good - I didn't journal every day, but I did journal, which is more than I have done in recent years.

6) House Projects - very pleased!  I got 2 MAJOR projects done, with my friend, Susan's, help.  What a blessing that is to have completed those projects...I feel like a giant weight was lifted.

7) Scrapbooking/Project Life - excellent! I stayed current all year and I am just waiting for a sale in the Project Life app to order my pages and put them in a book.  In addition, I put together a recipe book, something I have been wanting to do for years and now I have one!

8) Genealogy -good.  I wrote out my actual family tree connection to the Mayflower and added several new photos and documents to my family tree.

Overall...with all my goals - I'd give myself a score of 90 out of 100.  

Speaking of Project are my December pages (click to enlarge)


Edited to add:  It is funny how I read and re-read my journaling on my Project Life pages and now that I am reading them again, I find errors.  I'll go back and correct them in the Project Life app before I print the pages, but just wonder how I miss some of these at the time.  But you know what, it is okay...I'm not perfect and if I look back at something years later and see mistakes, well, that is just part of who I am, right?

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Bible Verse of the Year - 2023

Instead of choosing "One Little Word" this year.  I decided to choose a Bible Verse to live by.

Around 6 weeks ago, this verse came to me, while I was reading a pew Bible in our church's sanctuary.  It has really stuck with me.   

It will be a real challenge to do EVERYTHING without complaining or grumbling..but I am really going to work at it.

Thursday, December 29, 2022

2022 Year in Books


I typically set a small goal to read a few books a year.  Honestly, I generally set it pretty low - like 6 books a year...that is one book every 2 months.  I always feel pretty accomplished if I meet that goal and I find myself quite surprised with several ladies on the 2Peas Refugees board state they read like 120, 180 or over 200 books.  I honestly don't know how people have time to read that many they read super fast?  Do they have a job?  I don't see how anyone that works full-time, outside of the home, would have time to read 200 books unless they just work and read.  Maybe their books are very small - like 50 or 100 page books?  I don't know.  I can't even fathom reading that many books, when I am lucky to read 6.

Well, in 2021, I completed 11 books so I thought...why not make a goal of 12 books for 2022 - one book a month on average.  I surprised myself though and actually completed 23 books.

Now to many people, 23 books may sound pathetic but to me - WOWZER!!  I can't believe I finished 23 books, almost twice my goal.  I'm still keeping my goal at 12 for 2023.  

Fave book of the year...this was tough because I really liked several.  I guess my top 3 books were (in no particular order)

Enough Already by Valerie Bertinelli
Rock, Paper, Scissors by Alice Feeney
A Day Like This by Kelley McNeil

Probably my least favorite book was Broken Horses by Brandi Carlisle.  While it wasn't a bad book, it really didn't talk all that much about her personal life/feelings/emotions and came across to me as more of a "look who I know" and "look how successful I am" - sorry, but that was just my take of it.  I was lucky enough to see Brandi Carlisle in concert this past September and she gave an incredible much energy and the crowd was wild and loved every minute.  But her book, to me at least, just came off kind of "braggy" for lack of a better word.

I always pick a "Classic" book to read every year and one year's selection was "Breakfast at Tiffany's".  It was quite a bit different from the movie.  I really liked the character of Holly Golightly in the movie version, but in the book...she really wasn't a very likable person...she is selfish, self-absorbed and abandons people.  After reading the book, I wondered why it was even turned into a movie...guess it is a good thing they changed some major things to make the movie enjoyable.  I am glad I read the book but still not sure why it gets all the accolades that it does. I also read "Little House in the Big Woods" I actually think I read this once, many, many years ago, but I can't say for sure.  

I'm not sure what "Classic" book I will read  next year.  Hmmm..


Saturday, December 10, 2022

November 2022 Recap I am updating my long ignored blog.  Let's check in on my 2022 Goals for the year...

1) Daily Bible Reading/Prayer - I'm a little behind.  Not too far, but a little...I am sure I will be completed before the year is up and I plan on reading the Bible all the way through again next year!

2) Weight Loss/Eat Healthier/Exercise - Just ok.  I haven't really lost any weight but I haven't gained eating habits could be healthier and my exercise habits NEED a lot of work.

3) Watercolor - well...nothing to report...instead of water coloring, I've been coloring, in Adult coloring books...doubt I will get any watercolors done before the year is up but hey, it can be a goal for next year, right?



4) Crochet/Knit - Haven't quite had the mojo lately.  I do have a prayer shawl that is about 75% finished and an afghan in progress...but haven't had the energy lately at the end of the day to dedicate to it.

5)  Personal Journaling - Just ok...I did journal this morning and journal about weekly, but I want to push hard and journal a little each day.

6) House Projects - EXCELLENT!!!  I got 2 major projects done, that I have been putting off for a long, long, long time.  It felt so good to get them completed.  There is still a little bit to do on those 3 major projects but they are 95% completed.

7) Scrapbooking/Project Life - EXCELLENT!!  I placed my order for my recipe pages that have been completed so far and  put then in a book...I have managed to stay up-to-date on my daily photos and I am really enjoying it.  I am SUPER excited because a particular layout that I have been wanting in the Project Life app since it was first launched in 2014 was finally added in the the last update and that is going to be my main design for next year - switching it up from "Design A", which I have used since Day 1 to Pack 15 #1, which is what I used for my very first Project 365 in 2008 (paper version, way before the app came to be).  I have been asking for this design for years and I am super happy that it was finally isn't much different from Design A that you see in all my Project Life pages posted here, but it is what I want - can't wait to start using that one!

8) Genealogy - good but a bit slow - just not a lot of time to work on it lately.  I did find a lot of family photos recently and decided that would be a "retirement" project...looking forward to going through them all and updating.

So, overall, I'm feeling pretty good.  Other than water color painting, I've made quite a bit of progress on all of my goals so far this year...some more than others, but still..they are steps ahead and going my way.  I'm already starting to think on next year's goals...some will have the same theme.


Friday, December 9, 2022

Sep - Oct 2022 Project Life

 I hadn't realized that I have been ignoring my blog...not that anyone has really been sitting on pins and needles waiting for updates 😁 are my Project Life pages for September and can click on the photo to enlarge