Monday, August 13, 2018

Ravelry Woes

I have officially decided that I will not post another thing in the forum on Ravelry.

Ravelry is a knitting/crochet site.  It is wonderful - has lots of patterns and a database for tracking your hooks, needles, books, magazines and projects.

It also has forums.  On the forums, when someone posts something, you can press a button similar to the "like" button on Facebook - the choices on Ravelry are:


I am so tired of so many people selecting DISAGREE on something I post that is a personal opinion.

Example 1: Someone will ask a question, such as "What kind of cotton yarn do you like for making dishcloths?".  I will reply with "My favorite brand is XYZ" and I will get something like 38 disagrees, yet there will only be maybe 5 replies to the question where others may give their preferred brand. favorite brand is the one I listed so how can you disagree with what is MY favorite brand.  It may not be your favorite one, which is fine so list your favorite one, which is what the question was - disagreeing with my personal opinion doesn't help the person asking the question.

Example 2: Someone asks a question "Where can I buy XYZ yarn?"  I will reply with "I just bought some last week, I got it at Hobby Lobby" and I will get 25 disagrees.  Why in the world would 25 people disagree with that?  I did buy the yarn last week and I did buy it at Hobby Lobby - were those 25 people with me when I bought it?  NO!  Yet, no one else chimes in to say where they bought XYZ yarn.

Example 3: Someone posts a picture of their afghan, I reply, that is really pretty - I like the colors and sure enough 12 people disagree with me.  WHAT?  Are you disagreeing that it is pretty - in which case you are being rude and telling the person that it is ugly...or...are you saying that I don't like the colors because how do you know what colors I like?

So....from here on out - I am not posting on Ravelry's forum every again - I'm fed up with cowards who hide behind a computer screen and find it fun to disagree with stuff and not offer opinions of their own.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

MoviePass Woes

I know in the scheme of life, this is just a teeny, weeny tiny problem but I just feel I need to write it down so I am choosing my blog to do so.

In December of last year, I decided to get a membership to MoviePass.  As I have mentioned many, many times, I love going to the movies.  I love watching movies in general, but there is just something special about going to the movie theater.  So I was thrilled to sign up for MoviePass.

Here is what it was - $9.95 / month
See 1 movie per day

Pretty awesome, right?  Now I am no dope. I thought to myself...this is too good to be true - basically I pay the price for 1 movie for the month but I can see 30 movies!  But I figured I would try it and it would last until it lasted.

MoviePass Change 1:
After having it about a month, I received notification that you couldn't see repeat movies. Meaning...if you saw the movie already using MoviePass, then you can't see the same movie again.

No problem for me...first of all, it never occurred to me to go watch the same movie again, when there are so many choices out there and not sure why someone would do that no big deal to me.

MoviePass Change 2:
A couple of months later, I received notification that I had to submit a photo of my ticket after I purchased it using MoviePass

While perplexed by this because no reason was given as to why but they did say that if you missed one time, ok but if you missed a 2nd time, then your MoviePass would be canceled and you could never ever sign up to be a MoviePass member ever again during your lifetime.  This was stated as if it was a great enhancement for us...Uh, I don't know how but alrighty.

At first I was worried because the first time I tried to submit a picture, it wouldn't accept it.  I tried about 10 times and it wouldn't accept it but luckily, it finally did.

Again, I thought, while a mild inconvenience, not a big deal, I will take a photo each time and so I did.

MoviePass Change 3:
Again, sent to us as if this was a great thing that we would love because it enhances the movie going experience....there is now going to be "Peak Pricing" - where you have to pay an additional "small fee" (which I heard from others was typically $6-$8) for movies that were in high demand.  I saw several people on Facebook complain about this because the so-called high demand movies would have an empty theater - so why then was it high demand and they had to pay extra to see it?

Still, for me, I thought, no big deal.  I often go see movies during the week and before 7pm so they are usually not part of "Peak Pricing" and I avoided seeing any on the weekends that were marked as "Peak Pricing" so still...I was still paying $10 a month to see a movie per day.  Although I wasn't going every day of course.

MoviePass Change 4:
A couple of weeks afterward, Mission Impossible: Fallout came out and I think it broke MoviePass….the app was down all weekend that it came out - you couldn't use it at all apparently.

I was working all weekend so wasn't even aware of the problem until I saw it on the news.  But all in all, since I was working, it didn't effect me and I blew it off - hoping they would fix it.

The problem it seems, was that MoviePass ran out of money (although it cost members $10 a month, MoviePass loads the full price of the movie to the card and the theater gets the full price).

So….when MoviePass did come back up, we were told that "just like Netflix", not all movies would be available at all times and we'd be limited - in other words - no just released Big Blockbuster movies would be allowed.

Again...although a bit irritated by this, not a big deal to me because I can wait a few weeks to see a movie, I don't have to see it the weekend it comes out.  I am patient and can wait.

MoviePass Change 5:
(I think it is the 5th change since I have had it, I have truly lost count but I am hitting the major ones)
Today, I receive notice, it is a great thing....patrons don't like having to take photos of their ticket stubs nor do they like Peak Pricing so they are doing away with that....Awesome, right...well....

There is a catch...yes, some movies will still be blocked (uh, or as they say "unavailable") but now you can only see 3 movies a month.

WHAT?  OK! Now the changes are effecting me....they said 85% of the MoviePass users only see 3 or less movies a month.  Well, I am not in that 85%, I guess I am in the 15% and how do we know that is even true - anyone can pick a random statistic to throw out there.

So I could see 30 movies a month and now I can see 3.  That is a BIG difference.  At least they could have given me 4 (one a week on average).  And of those 3, I can even see a new blockbuster release.

They say if you use e-ticketing, then then all movies are available.  Well guess what, I tried that and the movie did show available, but when I selected the seat (you have to select your seat), the seat showed available, but when I selected it, it said it was sold and to pick another one...I tried 6 different seats and each one said it was no longer available.

I gave up and bought my ticket with cash instead - of course the same exact seats were showing available and I was easily able to select the first one that I tried to select with the app.

So...either the app wasn't working right or they just added that little glitch so e-tickets wouldn't work for major movies either (even though they are saying it will)

Am I annoyed?  Yes!!

Am I giving up MoviePass? No - not yet anyway.  It is still $10 a month for 3 movies and that is still cheaper than one movie (which can be $16 at night)

Of course I will keep using it for now but if it gets to where I am not being able to use it 3 times, then I will probably let it go.

I think they really want people to quit using it...

I think they initially thought people would pay $10 a month and never use the card (kind of like the Planet Fitness for movie goers) but going to the movies is fun, going the gym isn't.

I am sure that any day, I will get word that MoviePass is ka-poot but for now...I will pay my $10 and see my measly 3 movies a month.

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Red Heart Prize Package

I mentioned before that I participated in a "Learn to Knit Socks Knit-a-Long" and I ended up winning the final week's prize package.

Well...I never got it and was beginning to think it wouldn't arrive.  I admit, I was a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to actually getting a prize package.

After debating in my mind about it, I decided to contact Red Heart's customer service, but they didn't reply.  I also decided to send a private message to them (since that was how they asked me to send my info to them) and I still didn't get a reply.  I didn't want to seem ungrateful but as I said, I was disappointed so I just posted on the Facebook group about my disappointment in not receiving it and luckily, I was contacted.

Red Heart Yarns really is a great company and I am sure something just didn't get relayed properly but I am glad they addressed it and sent me the package.  I received it Saturday.  It is so nice!!

I have this really awesome project bag, a nice skein of Chic Sheep (colorway: Mai Tai) (I used this yarn to make the socks), a skein of Amore (colorway: Bliss), a cake of It's a Wrap Rainbow (colorway: Parfait), a cake of An Italian Story Obmra (colorway: Fiamma) and An Italian Story Luce (colorway: Verde)

The An Italian Story Luce is especially beautiful - it is hard to tell in the photo but it is so lovely, it is a mohair blend with sequins.

The It's a Wrap is exactly the color I would pick if I were to go into the store and select it myself.  The others are not colors I would especially choose, which I LOVE that because it gives me a chance to explore and see what I come up with...sometimes you get so locked into specific colors that you don't expand your horizon and when you do, you find out that you end up loving something that you never would have known...

I can't wait to make projects with all of these..the hardest choice...which yarn and what project to do first ?

Thank you Red Heart Yarns!!

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Wizard of Oz - Pondering about Glenda

I love the movie "The Wizard of Oz" - unlike kids today, who can stream it and watch it whenever they want, I remember growing up when you could only see it once a year, they would show it on TV and it was a big deal in our family.  My siblings and I would put pillows on the floor, and lay on our tummies to watch in front of our HUGE 19-inch TV and mom would make some Jiffy Pop.  (This was even before homes had microwaves, if you can imagine the time!)

Anyway...every year, when it would begin, my mom would always say "I thought this movie was in color" and every year, we would have to remind her that it turns to color when she gets to Oz.
(Which was so magical in the 1960s and I can only imagine how magical that was in 1939 when the movie premiered.

I always questioned the part where Dorothy meets Glenda (the so-called Good Witch)

You see, on behalf of the munchkins, Glenda asks Dorothy if she is a good witch or a bad witch. Dorothy says she is not a witch, all witches are old and ugly. Glenda and the munchkins just laugh and laugh and tells her that only bad witches are ugly.

OKAY - here is where I always questioned it....

So why did she ask Dorothy if SHE was a bad witch? Was she trying to imply Dorothy was ugly? Hmmmm...maybe Glenda wasn't so good after-all. I sure sounds like that to me...

What do you think? Judge for yourself and see if you agree with me.

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Useless Product - S'Mores Maker

I received an email from one of those companies that sells a hodge podge of things (and often a lot of those "as seen on TV products" and in the email was this little item...

The S'Mores Maker.

What a waste of plastic this is and what a waste of money this would be.  Plus, it is a lot of extra work.  I cannot imagine why someone would have a need for this product.

Step 1 - place graham crackers on chocolate looking plate
Step 2 - place a little square of chocolate on top
Step 3 - place marshmallow on top
Step 4 - place graham cracker on top of marshmallow
Step 5 - put the little arms on top of the crackers
Step 6 - fill the reservoir up with water
Step 7 - carefully put in microwave and microwave for 30 seconds
Step 8 - carefully remove from microwave (may be hot) and enjoy

Seriously?  I thought this was a joke!  You can easily assembly your s'more, put it on a paper plate, pop in the microwave for about 20 seconds and it is done!

Imagine...people have been making s'mores since 1927 (when it was invented by Girl Scouts and first appeared in "Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts".  I remember making them by the campfire when I was a Girl Scout in the 1970s.  When the microwave started becoming popular, it was simple enough to figure out how to make a S'more in there and we managed to do it without this un-necessary "Smore's Maker".

Funny things is...apparently this gadget has been around since at least 2008 (which is how old this video is).  

So...if you just can't live without it and feel the need to spend $10 of your good hard-earned cash, then maybe this little baby is for you.
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Saturday, June 16, 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 24 - Father's Day

I haven't done such a great job in posting regularly in the 52 Ancestors, 52 Weeks challenge because some of the prompts have just been too difficult or were redundant (meaning I had already written about the subject/family/person).

I almost skipped this week too because the prompt is Father's Day.  I must admit...I now despise Father's Day.  It wasn't always that way.  I use to love spending Father's Day with my dad but since he passed away in 2012, I just dread it coming every year.

Why? Because of all the emails and ads that say "Buy this for dad, he will love it, or send dad this special card or do this with your dad"

I see friends posting photos on Facebook of them with their dad or saying what a great time they are having with their father.

I can't spend the day with my dad, I can't see him, I can't even call him and I hate that! I miss my dad so, so much that it pure hurts my heart. I mean actually makes my heart hurt because I ache for him.

My dad was born in 1935, his official birthday is January 16th but he really doesn't know if he was born on the 15th or 16th because family members seem to disagree and his school records say one thing while his birth records say something different.  So, he always celebrated on the 16th.

He was raised in poverty. He had to hunt and kill his own food from the time he was old enough to hold a gun (6 or 7) and his parents were not exactly the best role models. 

As a result, he decided to join the Army as soon as he turned 18, he only had a few months left of high school but he needed to get away from a not so good home life. (Years later, the army did award him a high school diploma)

He married my mother on April 1, 1955.

After the Army, he had jobs driving log trucks and eventually got a job in Tallahassee, FL with Tenneco driving a gasoline delivery truck. My brother was born in Tallahassee.

Later, that lead to a job with Mabbett Hauling Company and the family moved to Atlanta, GA and I was born there.  The owner of the company wanted to start a regional office and asked my dad to be the sole employee of the start up so the family  moved to Columbus, GA (when I was 2 months old) and my sister was born there.

About 10 years later, the owner was having some issues in the central office and asked my dad to return but work in the office and stop driving a truck so he did and we all moved back to Atlanta, GA

He remained there for about 20 more years and then he was asked to be a safety director over their Florida region (by then the company had been purchased by Florida Rock & Tank Lines).  He remained there until he retired with 40 years of service.

That didn't slow him down though - he needed something to do so he worked various jobs and eventually found one he really loved (while in his late 70s) as a security officer at the local hospital. He loved it and they loved him.

Despite only having a high school education, he really moved up in the world, he was very smart and I can only imagine how far in life he could have gotten had he had more opportunities and education.

He was a great dad...he didn't believe in spanking (because he was physically abused and swore he would never lay a hand on his kids).  He didn't drink or smoke (because he came from a family of alcholics and swore he wouldn't do that to his kids).

He wanted his kids to have better than him and we all did.  We all graduated college, we three got great jobs with good pay.

He made sure we were exposed to history (he took us on weekend trips all the time to historic sites and state parks) and he made sure that we were well provided for. 

We can all look back and say we had a  happy childhood - because we did. 

I sure miss my dad.  I know one day, I will see him again.  It is truly hard to go through a day without him in it - it really, really is

There are so many times I want to call him and get his advise.  I miss that so much.

So...Happy Father's Day to my dad, in Heaven.  I love you.

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