Sunday, October 28, 2018

Annual Dishcloth Swap

Once again this year, I participated in the Annual Dishcloth Swap on Ravelry.  I think this was the 3rd time I have done so.

Here are the dishcloths I made.  The pattern is call "Ballband Dishcloth" and I used the same yarn that I used to make last year's dishcloths, since I had plenty left over and even after making these, I still had some left over so maybe I will use the same yarn again next year - we shall see.  The yarn I used is Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Cotton"

I was happy with them (especially the purple one).  Here are the 5 that I received back from the swap.
They are all beautiful!!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Melody - Kate Earl

This song has been stuck in my head all day so I thought I would share it here

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

I have been busy cleaning house today - doing some deep down stuff, like cleaning the blinds (a chore), washing windows, dusting baseboards, etc. - you know, those things you don't get to as often as you should?

I took a break to run out and get some caulk and a new front door mat and pick up some free Chick-fil-a nuggets (a reward on the mobile app) and iced tea.  When I got home, I decided to take a break and eat lunch and low and behold the classic 1971 Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory was coming on so don't you know I sat there and watched the entire thing  (using commercial breaks to do a bit more housework).

I hadn't sat down and watched the entire movie in one sitting in a long time - this movie really is a gem! I saw it as a kid, my mom was good about taking us to see the latest Disney and kid movie that was out but I was young so I didn't appreciate it for the true great movie that it is!

Gene Wilder is amazing - I've always loved him in everything but boy was he PERFECT for this role.
Some quotes I just love....

When an adult asks a question about the chocolate river, Wonka doesn't skip a beat and simply says "All questions must be in writing" and continues to talk as if the question wasn't asked - probably a classic Gene Wilder ad lib.

I also love when he is mixing up something in the Invention Room, he says "Invention is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation and 2% butterscotch ripple - HAHA!!

He throws tennis shoes into a vat and Veruca's dad asks "What's that for?" and Wonka says "Gives it a kick" - Too Funny!

He speaks English, French and German throughout the movie.

While watching, I did notice a few little flubs/mistakes/goofs.

1) In the beginning, Charlie is gifted a bar of chocolate from his family, in hopes that it contains the "Golden Ticket" - he opens it and it doesn't have the ticket but I suppose it wouldn't - why? Because what he has in his hand is not a bar of chocolate - it is a Moon Pie - yes - a Moon Pie!  He tears it in half and offers to share it with his family - why did they give him a Moon Pie, when the "Golden Ticket is in Chocolate Bars?

2) When Violet is on TV after winning the Golden Ticket, she says she always chews gum but switched to chocolate when she heard about the contest, she JUST found the ticket, she's on TV chewing gum and says she has been chewing the same piece of gum for 3 months - but how can that be if she switched to chocolate when the contest started and only just found the ticket?

3) When the guest all get on the boat to go down the chocolate river and into the tunnel, there are exactly enough seats for each of them.  However, 2 of the guest are gone due to an accidental fall into the Chocolate River (Augustus Goop and his mother) - so if Augustus hadn't had fallen into the river, there would not have been enough seats on the boat - there isn't room to stand and it is too dangerous (as we find out) to do so.  So, why didn't he plan to have enough seats for all his guests?  He didn't know Augustus would fall into the river before they gone on the boat.

3) When Violet is turning into a blueberry, there is a blue light shining on her face to make her face turn blue - but the light shines on her hair too - so her bangs are also blue (initially)

Interesting Trivia - did you know one of the Oompa Loompas was a female ?  I wonder which one?

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Thursday, September 13, 2018


Do you watch the TV show "Greenleaf"?  If not, you should check it out. 
I have watched it from Day 1.

I really like this show, a lot! It gets better and better.  It can currently be found Wednesday nights on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).  Oprah was actually on a few episodes the first couple of seasons but she hasn't been on any (so far) on the current season - which is Season 3.

If you want to catch up and have Netflix, you can watch the first 2 seasons there.

The show is about a Memphis, TN family (although it is filmed in Georgia-whoo hoo!).  The father, James, is the pastor/bishop at a very large (mega) church called Calvery.  His wife, Mae, is the first lady of the church.  His oldest daughter, Grace, is also a pastor at Calvery but serves mostly in a backup capacity - she does other work for the church.  His son, Jacob, longed to be a pastor but when Grace came back into town (on the first episode), Jacob quickly learned where his place was so he currently pastors another church, Triumph.  Their younger daughter, Charity, is a gospel singer (and she is really good).  There is another daughter, Faith, but I won't discuss her because it will give away a spoiler.

Why I like it:
The show displays that a Christian family is not perfect.  The may have a rebellious teenager, they may go through divorces and have custody battles, they may have issues with mental illness, etc.  They are just like normal people - their lives are anything but perfect.

However, they are truly faithful people.  They are not phony or corrupt when it comes to church business - I love that!  So often, the TV/film industry show church leaders as corrupt - stealing from the church, not acting in a Christian manner - but this family isn't like that.

They LOVE God, they know the Bible, they pray, they have their share of problems, yes, but they remain faithful and always turn to the Lord and put Him first!  It is so refreshing to see TV characters that are so faithful and good when it comes to religion.  

So...if you haven't watched this show and love a good evening "soap-opera" - I strongly recommend "Greenleaf"!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Crab & Swiss Instant Pot Mini Quiche Bites

I have been looking for some recipes to make something for breakfast that I could put in the freezer and quickly microwave.

I saw a recipe for Instant Pot Egg Bites and decided to try the method but put my own twist to it by making my Crab & Swiss Quiche into these Mini Quiche Bites.

I bought this silicone mold on Amazon (isn't that where we buy everything?) and it was perfect. They cooks so quickly, I could have doubled the batch and cooked it twice but since I was testing it out...I only made a single batch.

Crab & Swiss Instant Pot Mini Quiche Bites

4 large eggs
1/4 cup (2 oz) heavy whipping cream
3/4 cup (3 oz) grated Swiss cheese
1/2 cup (4 oz) imitation crab
salt & pepper to taste (I used about 1/2 tsp pepper and 1/8 tsp salt)
Old Bay Seasoning (optional) *

In a mixing bowl, beat eggs with a wisk, add whipping cream, Swiss cheese, crab and salt & pepper and mix well.

Pour the mixture into the molds, filling each one about 80% full.

Cover the mold tightly with aluminum foil (I use Heavy Duty foil)

Place the inner pot into the Instant Pot and add 1 1/2 cups of water to the pot. Place the filled and covered silicone mold onto the trivet that came with the Instant Pot and carefully lower the trivet and mold into the Instant Pot.

Lock the lid onto the pressure cooker (I love that little sound it makes), ensure the value is set to the seal position.  Press Steam and set the timer for 10 minutes at high pressure.

When the time is up, the Instant Pot goes will make a small beeping sound and display L0:00.  Leave the instant pot alone to allow for Natural Pressure release for 10 minutes.

When completed, move the value to quick release to release any extra pressure.

Using pot-holders, carefully remove the trivet and silicone mold from the Instant Pot, remove the foil and invert the mold onto a plate - remove the mold and .... ta da ... yummy mini Crab & Swiss quiche bites are ready to eat.

If you'd like, you and put them in freezer bags (I used the small snack size bags) and place in the freezer.  When ready to eat, remove from freezer and microwave for 2 minutes until heated through.

* I didn't add Old Bay to this but after tasting it seemed like it could have used a little extra spice so I sprinkled Old Bay over it and it perfected it. So next time, I may add a bit before cooking, I would recommend about 1/4 tsp.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Ravelry Woes

I have officially decided that I will not post another thing in the forum on Ravelry.

Ravelry is a knitting/crochet site.  It is wonderful - has lots of patterns and a database for tracking your hooks, needles, books, magazines and projects.

It also has forums.  On the forums, when someone posts something, you can press a button similar to the "like" button on Facebook - the choices on Ravelry are:


I am so tired of so many people selecting DISAGREE on something I post that is a personal opinion.

Example 1: Someone will ask a question, such as "What kind of cotton yarn do you like for making dishcloths?".  I will reply with "My favorite brand is XYZ" and I will get something like 38 disagrees, yet there will only be maybe 5 replies to the question where others may give their preferred brand. favorite brand is the one I listed so how can you disagree with what is MY favorite brand.  It may not be your favorite one, which is fine so list your favorite one, which is what the question was - disagreeing with my personal opinion doesn't help the person asking the question.

Example 2: Someone asks a question "Where can I buy XYZ yarn?"  I will reply with "I just bought some last week, I got it at Hobby Lobby" and I will get 25 disagrees.  Why in the world would 25 people disagree with that?  I did buy the yarn last week and I did buy it at Hobby Lobby - were those 25 people with me when I bought it?  NO!  Yet, no one else chimes in to say where they bought XYZ yarn.

Example 3: Someone posts a picture of their afghan, I reply, that is really pretty - I like the colors and sure enough 12 people disagree with me.  WHAT?  Are you disagreeing that it is pretty - in which case you are being rude and telling the person that it is ugly...or...are you saying that I don't like the colors because how do you know what colors I like?

Example 4: This post is NOT my post...someone else posted the message below...You will notice that someone DISAGREED with her - now how in the world can you disagree with this?  I am just sick of cowards clicking the disagree button for stuff like this.....

So....from here on out - I am not posting on Ravelry's forum every again - I'm fed up with cowards who hide behind a computer screen and find it fun to disagree with stuff and not offer opinions of their own.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

MoviePass Woes

I know in the scheme of life, this is just a teeny, weeny tiny problem but I just feel I need to write it down so I am choosing my blog to do so.

In December of last year, I decided to get a membership to MoviePass.  As I have mentioned many, many times, I love going to the movies.  I love watching movies in general, but there is just something special about going to the movie theater.  So I was thrilled to sign up for MoviePass.

Here is what it was - $9.95 / month
See 1 movie per day

Pretty awesome, right?  Now I am no dope. I thought to myself...this is too good to be true - basically I pay the price for 1 movie for the month but I can see 30 movies!  But I figured I would try it and it would last until it lasted.

MoviePass Change 1:
After having it about a month, I received notification that you couldn't see repeat movies. Meaning...if you saw the movie already using MoviePass, then you can't see the same movie again.

No problem for me...first of all, it never occurred to me to go watch the same movie again, when there are so many choices out there and not sure why someone would do that no big deal to me.

MoviePass Change 2:
A couple of months later, I received notification that I had to submit a photo of my ticket after I purchased it using MoviePass

While perplexed by this because no reason was given as to why but they did say that if you missed one time, ok but if you missed a 2nd time, then your MoviePass would be canceled and you could never ever sign up to be a MoviePass member ever again during your lifetime.  This was stated as if it was a great enhancement for us...Uh, I don't know how but alrighty.

At first I was worried because the first time I tried to submit a picture, it wouldn't accept it.  I tried about 10 times and it wouldn't accept it but luckily, it finally did.

Again, I thought, while a mild inconvenience, not a big deal, I will take a photo each time and so I did.

MoviePass Change 3:
Again, sent to us as if this was a great thing that we would love because it enhances the movie going experience....there is now going to be "Peak Pricing" - where you have to pay an additional "small fee" (which I heard from others was typically $6-$8) for movies that were in high demand.  I saw several people on Facebook complain about this because the so-called high demand movies would have an empty theater - so why then was it high demand and they had to pay extra to see it?

Still, for me, I thought, no big deal.  I often go see movies during the week and before 7pm so they are usually not part of "Peak Pricing" and I avoided seeing any on the weekends that were marked as "Peak Pricing" so still...I was still paying $10 a month to see a movie per day.  Although I wasn't going every day of course.

MoviePass Change 4:
A couple of weeks afterward, Mission Impossible: Fallout came out and I think it broke MoviePass….the app was down all weekend that it came out - you couldn't use it at all apparently.

I was working all weekend so wasn't even aware of the problem until I saw it on the news.  But all in all, since I was working, it didn't effect me and I blew it off - hoping they would fix it.

The problem it seems, was that MoviePass ran out of money (although it cost members $10 a month, MoviePass loads the full price of the movie to the card and the theater gets the full price).

So….when MoviePass did come back up, we were told that "just like Netflix", not all movies would be available at all times and we'd be limited - in other words - no just released Big Blockbuster movies would be allowed.

Again...although a bit irritated by this, not a big deal to me because I can wait a few weeks to see a movie, I don't have to see it the weekend it comes out.  I am patient and can wait.

MoviePass Change 5:
(I think it is the 5th change since I have had it, I have truly lost count but I am hitting the major ones)
Today, I receive notice, it is a great thing....patrons don't like having to take photos of their ticket stubs nor do they like Peak Pricing so they are doing away with that....Awesome, right...well....

There is a catch...yes, some movies will still be blocked (uh, or as they say "unavailable") but now you can only see 3 movies a month.

WHAT?  OK! Now the changes are effecting me....they said 85% of the MoviePass users only see 3 or less movies a month.  Well, I am not in that 85%, I guess I am in the 15% and how do we know that is even true - anyone can pick a random statistic to throw out there.

So I could see 30 movies a month and now I can see 3.  That is a BIG difference.  At least they could have given me 4 (one a week on average).  And of those 3, I can even see a new blockbuster release.

They say if you use e-ticketing, then then all movies are available.  Well guess what, I tried that and the movie did show available, but when I selected the seat (you have to select your seat), the seat showed available, but when I selected it, it said it was sold and to pick another one...I tried 6 different seats and each one said it was no longer available.

I gave up and bought my ticket with cash instead - of course the same exact seats were showing available and I was easily able to select the first one that I tried to select with the app.

So...either the app wasn't working right or they just added that little glitch so e-tickets wouldn't work for major movies either (even though they are saying it will)

Am I annoyed?  Yes!!

Am I giving up MoviePass? No - not yet anyway.  It is still $10 a month for 3 movies and that is still cheaper than one movie (which can be $16 at night)

Of course I will keep using it for now but if it gets to where I am not being able to use it 3 times, then I will probably let it go.

I think they really want people to quit using it...

I think they initially thought people would pay $10 a month and never use the card (kind of like the Planet Fitness for movie goers) but going to the movies is fun, going the gym isn't.

I am sure that any day, I will get word that MoviePass is ka-poot but for now...I will pay my $10 and see my measly 3 movies a month.

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