Saturday, May 14, 2016

Grey's Anatomy PLUS Crochet

This past Monday, the Lifetime network started showing Grey's Anatomy beginning with episode 1.

I have watched Grey's Anatomy since day 1 - It is now in its 12th season and I have never missed a single episode so you would think I wouldn't get hooked on it again - right?  WRONG!

I have recorded it all week, although it is available on Netflix, there is something about coming home and sitting down and watching it from the DVR - watching the first couple of seasons (yes, I'm on Season 2 already - first season was a short season), reminds me of why I love this show!

I miss those original interns - there are only 2 left of the original interns (Meredith and Alex) and only 2 doctor's left from the original staff (Miranda and Richard).  I love the cast now (well...except for Amelia but she is an entirely different story since I have disliked her character since she appeared on Private Practice).

Anyway....while watching a Season 2, Episode 3...I noticed this really pretty baby blanket.  Derek was in the NICU talking to his estranged wife Addison (wish she'd come back to Seattle Grace...uh.. I mean Grey-Sloan Memorial).  He sat down in a rocker and I spied this pretty chevron baby blanket.

It is crocheted - pretty, huh?  (Both the doctor and the blanket!)  When you are a knitter/crocheter, you tend to notice nice handiwork in scenes.

Also....remember when Grey's had an opening theme song with their credits?  If I recall correctly, they stopped that pretty early on (by end of season 2 maybe?)  It will be interesting to see when they stopped doing that.  I wonder why they dropped it?  I liked it.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day Gift - Easy Knit Project

I haven't knitted in a while and I know I said I wouldn't do a new project until my final WIP was completed but....this only took about an hour to knit up so it really doesn't count.

I decided to give it to my mom as part of her Mother's Day gift.  It is a little knit dress that fits over your bottle of dish-washing liquid.  Silly?  Maybe, a little but cute too so why not?

Bonus, you can take it off and use it as a dishcloth if you want to, then wash it and put it back on the bottle.

It is a tiny bit bigger than it should be because I used size 8 needles instead of 7, which the pattern called for.  However, I didn't have any size 7 needles (yeah - now I have a reason to go to the craft store - I need size 7 needles).  But even if a little bit bigger than it should be - it looks okay and turned out pretty cute.

I got the pattern from this book - that I picked up at Michael's a few months ago.  It is also available on Amazon.

The book has various different patterns - mine is similar to the one shown here on the front cover.  The pattern I used in the book is called "Happy Day #2)

If you don't want to spend $6 on the book, then you can buy the pattern alone for $4 on Leisure Arts website.  Personally, I think the book is a better deal - there are 12 patterns in the book for $6 vs. paying $4 for one pattern.  While some of the patterns are similar to each other, there are different designs, which makes the book worth it in my eyes. Makes more sense to get the book.

Here is a look at what else is in the book.  I really like the one on the bottom right (page 36 apparently) - it is called "Garden Party" so I think I will make that one next time.

So...if you are looking for an inexpensive and quick knit to give as a little gift - give this a try.  It was fun to knit up and rewarding to have a project completed in about an hour.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

W.I.P. Wednesday

Well... I have started my third and final Work-In-Progress.  I didn't realize it until I picked it back up and tried to find out when I originally started this afghan, how long ago it was when I started this afghan.

I was shocked - shocked I tell you - to discover it was back in May 2010.  Could it have really been 6 years ago when I started this?  WOW !!

I had no idea.  I have never had a WIP that old before.  But a lot has happened since then. A LOT - that caused this to get put way back on the back burner.  I won't go into to all that but let's just say that lots of bad stuff happened here and there in the past 6 years.

It is really something I want to accomplish and something I want to  put on my bed in the winter, so I am going to finish it rather than just frog (*) it.  It is going to be so pretty and worth the wait!

I was also a bit surprised that I didn't have more finished than I thought.  Here is my progress to date.  (I thought I had about twice as much done)

Now...tilt your head toward the right - as if you are a confused puppy.

The project in the photo is laying on its side - it is very wide and the only way I could photograph it was to lay it in the long hallway.  I will try to come up with another way to photograph it as I move along - maybe place it on the bed - we shall see.

I imagine you will see this WIP for a while because there are a total of 1,073 granny squares - in case you don't crochet - that is considered a lot!  Plus, our fiscal year end is approaching, and I just found out today that our annual audit is about to being - this means extra work hours for me, so less time for crocheting.  But I do want to finish this ASAP.  Because I have at least 3 other afghans floating around in my  head that I want to make.  I also want to knit a shawl for my mom - would love to give to her on her b-day but it may be Christmas, depending on how fast this moves along.

According to Ravelry, 119 people have this listed in their projects but a quick count shows me that only 30 have actually finished it.  I will be # 31. 

* To frog a project means to undo or un-ravel it.  In other words, you rip-it, rip-it, rip-it out

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W.I.P. Wednesday

Well....I can officially say this is no longer a W.I.P.  It is now a F.O. (Finished Object)

I finished the baby afghan I have been working on.  Since my co-worker (who I was making it for) is not pregnant yet (and I'm not sure if she is still trying), then I will hold on to it for now until she becomes pregnant or some other baby shower comes up in my future.  I've very happy with it.  It is super soft and is such a sweet pattern. 

Now on to the final W.I.P.  Whoo hoo - I have so many other projects in mind that I want to do but I PROMISED myself that I would do these first and so good.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

New Crochet Technique

Over at the Crochet Crowd....they had a call for Dishcloths and they posted several patterns.  I know I said no new projects until all the WIPs were completed but a dishcloth is something I can whip out in an hour.

The Crochet Crowd was looking for submissions because they are going to feature dishcloths, I believe, in their next e-magazine.  Not sure they will even give mine a look but I decided to make one anyway.

I have heard a lot of buzz lately about Corner - to - Corner (or C2C) afghans and this dishcloth is a C2C dishcloth - so I thought - why not give it a try and learn a new technique.

It really took about 30 minutes to do - which I thought was pretty good considering I never made this pattern before.  Not sure I love the look of the pattern but I liked doing it - it was fun, different and quick.

I used self-striping Sugar N' Cream yarn and made it while I was watching "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (which I discovered is a REALLY long movie - almost 3 hours - luckily it was on TCM and therefore didn't have commercials)

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I'm getting very, very close to finishing my 2nd WIP for the year.  It has taken a while but at least it will soon be finished and no longer a work in progress. 

The person I intended this for hasn't mentioned if she is still trying to have a baby or not so I don't know if she is trying (and that is not a question you ask someone unless you are super close to them) - it can be an emotional subject.

I did find out that I have a cousin that is due in October so unless my friend is pregnant by then, and assuming I am invited to my (2nd) cousin's baby shower, then she may be the receiver of the blanket (and perhaps matching booties)

I haven't worked on it much in a couple of weeks because I just been busy with other things.  However, I am super close to finishing now.

I added the corners which consisted of making 24 tiny little granny squares, then sewing them together in groups of 6, then sewing them onto the blanket (sewing is much slower than crocheting), especially when you are sewing through back loops only.

I love the colors.

I just need to add 5 rounds of border (or is it 6?).  That should go pretty fast (I hope).

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