Monday, November 6, 2017

No Roots by Alice Merton

I heard this song on "The Spectrum" channel on Sirius XM this morning and I really liked it so thought I would share it here.  Hope you enjoy.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

A Day in North Georgia

Yesterday, my sister and I decided to ride up to North Georgia and spend the the nice Autumn Day enjoying the great outdoors.

We went to Fausett Sunflower Farm, Burt's Pumpkin Farm and Amicalola State Park.  We stopped for a BBQ dinner on the way home at Jim & Nick's BBQ

It was a great day!!

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Adam Ant - Anthems Tour

So...back in March, I had to have surgery to remove a tumor from one of my parathyroid I was laying in the pre-op room, I was browsing my phone and saw that Adam Ant tickets were going on sale the following day (while I would be in the hospital recuperating).  Thank goodness for my wonderful sister, who KNOWS how much I love him....

She said, don't worry, I will take care of it and get us VIP tickets and she did.  So I have been waiting for months and months for September 23rd to get here and did!!

We were in the recently renovated Variety Playhouse - they did a fabulous job renovating this place.  They raised the stage so if you sit, you can see over the mosh pit.  I am short so I don't like standing in the pit because I can't see but we were on the 2nd row and our seats were FANTASTIC!

We were allowed to go in early (since we had VIP tickets).  He sang lots of old songs - all old songs - off his first 4 albums.  I was in pure heaven the entire time.

Set List:
Beat My Guest - I couldn't believe he opened with this - what a way to start the show
Vive Le Rock
Dog Eat Dog
Apollo 9
Friend or Foe
Room at the Top
Desparate But not Serious
Cartrouble (one of my faves)
Young Parisians - another surprise - not sure I ever heard him sing this live
Prince Charming
Gotta Be a Sin
Puss 'n Boots
Can't Set Rules About Love - again - a surprise but great to hear
Christian D'or
Kings of the Wild Frontier
Greta X - I loved that he sang this - was not expecting that!!
B-Side Baby - another fave of mine
Stand & Deliver

Goody Two Shoes (expected, of course)
Lady / Fall In - so happy!!
Red Scab
Physical (You're So)

Wow! Wow! Wow!
An amazing show - we danced the entire time and I loved that it was so up close and intimate.  He was interactive with the audience and looked and sounded amazing!!

These are some of the favorite photos I took at the show (click on the photo for a close up).

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Finished Friday - Dishclothes

I posted a few weeks ago about the dishcloths I was knitting for a swap.

I am happy to report that I finished them in plenty of time and got them mailed off with about a week to spare.  (I just haven't posted them here until now)

I was really happy with them and (not to pat myself on the back) but if I got one of these in a swap, I would be thrilled.

My road has been blocked most of the week due to Hurricane Irma causing a tree to fall, taking the power, phone and cable lines with her so I haven't gotten mail delivery.

However, the tree has been cleared so I am hoping to get mail today and that my dishcloths from the swap have arrived - more to come.....

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