Wednesday, February 22, 2017

W.I.P. Wednesday

I finished knitting my sister's "Kitty Kap" last week but wasn't able to give it to her until over the weekend.  I also made her cat a little tiny one.  But I think it will be a 2 man job to get a photo of him wearing it - LOL!!  Despite what the Dr. Seuss book says, cats generally do not like to wear hats.

It came out a tiny bit too big (my sister's hat - not worried if her cat's hat fits).  I think the needle size was fine, I just probably should have casted on 40 - 44 stitches instead of 50 as the pattern states.  I was just happy to finish a knitting project without making mistakes and having to frog and re-do part of it - I made it all the way through.  It was a pretty easy pattern though.

I think my sister looks pretty cute in her pink hat.  

Hopefully, I can get over to her house soon and we can attempt to take a quick photo of her kitty wearing his kitty kap.   If you see me walking around with scratches on my arm, you will probably figure out that I tried at least.

I thought I would be done with hats sister-in-law has mentioned a few times that she would like a slouchy hat.  I don't care for slouchy hats, for myself, but I ran across some pretty yarn at Hobby Lobby this past weekend and it had a Charming Slouchy Hat pattern on the ball band and it said it only required 1 skein so I thought...why not?   I just started it this morning (before work) so don't really have photos to post yet.  So I will just post a stock photo of the yarn...Red Heart Unforgettable Waves, in the colorway "Lakehouse".  Pretty, huh?

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

W.I.P. Wednesday

So...I am sure that anyone that knits or crochets knows about the Women's March that took place on January 21st.  I'm not really into politics.  I keep current, of course, but just don't watch much or get actively involved.

However, if you knit or crochet - these pink uhhh...hats (whose official name I am choosing to leave off) were what everyone wanted to wear as they marched. 

My sister was involved with the march in our town and my local yarn shop was too.  They had a lot of people calling the shop asking for the hats.  I made a couple to donate but I didn't think my sister would want one because (a) she isn't really a hat wearer and (b) I don't think she is a huge fan of the color pink but....she said she would like one, even if it was after the March so....I am currently making, what she likes to call a "Kitty Kap"

I was so happy to see Time used a CROCHET hat on the cover - it is about time that crochet gets some respect!

However, I decided to make a knitted hat.  Although I crochet much faster, most of the hats I have seen are knitted and I feel that knitted is a bit more stretchy and may fit better.  Plus, I haven't really knitted anything since June - when I was involved with the dishcloth swap.

I decided to use THIS PATTERN for the hat, since it has over 9,000 projects on Ravelry and seemed simply enough.  The pattern really is super easy.  Some ribbing (k2, p2) for the border and mostly stockinette for the hat (k a row; p a row).  I'm enjoying making it and hope to have it finished before next Wednesday so I can post a different WIP.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Another Falcon Hat

I normally would wait until Wednesday to post this but decided to go ahead and post before the Superbowl.

I finished another Falcons hat - I made one previously, for my friend Susan - major Falcons fan (her whole bedroom is decorated with Falcons gear) but I wanted to make her roommate, Michael one too.  He is a sweet guy and since I made her other roommate a Chunky Messy Bun Hat, I thought Michael deserved a hat too.

These whip up so fast - I can make a hat in about an hour.  This pattern is called "Boy Beanie" from "The Happy Hooker" (Stitch 'N Bitch) Crochet Book.  Although is is called "Boy Beanie" - girls can wear them too. 😉

The yarn is Red Heart Team Spirit.

Here are both hats - they will be able to tell them apart because one is black on top and one is red on top.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Lucky Girl

You know, I have been having a few good days and I'm feeling pretty positive about life. It has been a while, after all the tragedy in my life that happened 2 years ago, life has been a bit challenging but for the first time in a few years, I feel like I can deal with life again.

I was thinking over the past few days that I am really a very LUCKY GIRL.  First of all, I was blessed with the best parents in the entire world.  Although my dad is gone now, I was fortunate to be with him when he left to go to Heaven.  I was blessed with an older brother and a younger sister, we grew up very close (even though we fussed about silly things when we were little - like who is touching who and who borrowed whose clothes without asking) but we have always been close.  Even though my brother is gone now, how lucky was I to have him as part of my life for 51 years?  How lucky was I to spend my birthday with him and enjoy a great few days with him and get to tell him I love him in person, just a couple of weeks before he left to go to Heaven?  Do I wish my dad and brother were still here?  Of course I do!!  But I just feel so blessed to have been in the same family with them.

I'm also lucky and blessed to have a wonderful sister-in-law, who is a sister to me too.  I have a beautiful, independent and smart niece, who is married to a great guy and they have a beautiful, funny and clever daughter.  We all love each other and never argue.  My whole family is supportive of my decisions, even if they may not agree with them all the time.

Last year, I was selected for a pilot program that only 25 people, out of all state employees that applied were chosen.  I was randomly selected and given an opportunity of a lifetime.  It was something I wasn't sure I actually wanted, to be quite honest but I prayed a lot about it and since I was chosen, I feel that God wanted this for me and now that I have gone through a year of the whole process, I truly believe it was the best thing for me and have no doubt I made the right decision by going through the whole process.  It has already changed my life in many ways and I suspect, I will see many more changes due to this program in the next coming year.

I am so lucky that I have great friends - supportive and loving friends.  I may not have a 100 friends but the friends I do have are loyal and true and we'd all do anything for each other.  Not many people can say that.

I am so lucky that I belong to a wonderful, Christian church where I have another family.  We just have the best pastor in the world (if you ask me).  I just can't hardly wait until Sunday so I can go to church and see my church family and hear the good Word of the Lord.

I have a great job, that I love and where I feel appreciated and needed.  At my last job, which I enjoyed a lot until a certain person was hired and made my life a living nightmare, I was happy there and loved many of the people I work with but I was not appreciated and I was seriously, seriously underpaid for the amount of work I did, the kind of responsibilities I had and the amount of hours I put in.  I was not appreciated there because I could do 999 things right and do 1 thing wrong and I would get written up for the one thing but never even patted on the back for the 999 things. (Well I did have one boss that appreciated me but sadly, they ran her off).

But at this job, I feel really appreciated as an employee and as a person.  I feel I am well paid for what I do and for my responsibilities and I feel my opinion is important.  My co-workers are the best and one of them I consider my best friend!  She is the Thelma to my Louise (or is it vice versa).  How fortunate to work at a place you like, with people you like and to even have a good and steady job - what a true blessing that is!

Although my car is 14 years old, it runs great - I seldom have any issues with it and I just love it.  We've been through a lot together.  How lucky that I have a good, safe, reliable car and haven't had a car payment in 9 years!

I have a lovely home.  It is paid for too - which is super sweet!  It is the home I grew up in, which I now own.  It is small, about 1,050 sq feet, including the 1 car garage but it has 3 bedrooms and tiny closets, 1 1/2 baths, a living room and a combined kitchen/dining room.  It has a pretty good size yard and I am lucky enough to have a next door neighbor who keeps the grass cut and the leaves picked up (at a cost but that helps us both out).  It is small, but just right for me.  I have done some redecorating over the past few years, and still have some things I want to do but it makes me happy to come home and I thank God every day for giving me a nice roof over my head, keeping me safe and warm and dry.  My house was build the same year I was born so it is perfect for me.

I am crafty - I can do pretty much any kind of crafts and I enjoy them...Crochet, Knitting, Cross-Stitch, Needlepoint, Crewel, Embroidery, etc.  I am lucky that I am able to do those kind of things that bring me joy and happiness.

I can see (although I need corrective lenses), I can hear (although I say "what" more than I used to), I can walk, I can talk and I have a decent amount of common sense.  Not everyone can say those things - how lucky am I?

I could probably go on and on and on!!  But I know how blessed I truly am.

God is so Good !!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

W.I.P. Wednesday

I have been making a lot of hats lately, as you saw in previous posts. 

As you probably know, the Atlanta Falcons are going to the Superbowl !  Whoo hoo!! Finally !!

Anyway, my friend Susan is a huge fan and appreciates my crafty work, so I made her this hat using Red Heart Team Spirit yarn.

I'm giving it to her Saturday and pretty sure she will like it.  I am going to make another one for one of her roommates and hope to have it finished by Saturday too.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Janury 2017 Movies

I used to post a listing of monthly movies that I have watched - that were new to me.
I haven't done that in a while because of various factors, I just wasn't up to seeing movies much, let alone blogging about them but...I have seen a few movies this month so thought I would share

1) Star Wars: Rouge One - my first movie of 2017.  What did I think?  It was great!  I loved how it explained why the Death Star had that little flaw in the center of it and how Princess Leia got a hold of that information.  Plus, the special effects, story and acting was all great!

2) Guardians of the Galaxy - I know this movie is a few years old but a sequel is coming out later this year and I have heard so many good things about this movie so thought I would watch it.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Tons of action and lots of unexpected humor.  Looking forward to the sequel.

3) Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children - I wanted to see this movie when it first came out, but never got around to it.  I'm kind of glad of that.  It was just ok to me.  A little slow in the beginning. I liked it but glad I didn't pay full price to go see it.

4) Florence Foster Jenkins - so good.  As I have mentioned several times on this blog, I love Meryl Streep and almost always see a new movie of hers in January (seems like her movies are always around Nov - Feb time).   She was so good in this movie - funny but sweet.  Hugh Grant did a good job too and showed off a few dance moves.  Great costumes too - I am sure they will win for costume design when Oscar time rolls around.

5) Eddie the Eagle - I wanted to see this movie when it was initially released too but again, never did.  I am kind of glad because although I thought it was a really good movie, with a really good story, I was fine waiting for it to be on HBO.  It was a true story and was very inspirational.

6) Jack Reacher - again, wanted to see it on the big screen but didn't and this one ... I wish I had.  WOW!  Great movie, but then again I love Tom Cruise movies - LOVE THEM!  This movie was so action packed and also unexpectedly funny at times.  Can't wait to see the sequel!

7) Taken & Taken 2 - I'm putting these together since I watched them back to back and they were basically the same movie with different angles.  Both were really good - I want to see Taken 3 now and there is a new show coming on at the end of February. I will watch it - I love action movies.

8) Because I Said So - I went to donate blood and they said they really needed platets and could I take the time do that instead.  I had never donated platelets before but since they had a greater need and I had time, I decided to do so (turned out that I didn't do well - I almost passed out when it was over and 3 people had to come  rush over to help get me back - it was a bit scary there for a bit).  But...since it takes about 2 hours to donate, they let you pick out a DVD to watch.  So, I picked out this movie.  I enjoyed it - I'm not really a fan of Diane Keaton's because I don't think she is that great of an actress and can be super silly but she was okay in this and I liked the story pretty good - it was entertaining while I laid there with needles stuck in both arms for 2 hours. 

9) The Founder - about Ray Kroc, the "Founder" of McDonald's starring Michael Keaton.  I've always loved Michael Keaton and this movie looked good and interesting and so my sis and I went to see it on a Sunday afternoon.  It was very good.  A great story that was very eye opening.  McDonald's Corporation isn't the fast food chain, per se, but it is really a real estate holdings company.  I highly recommend it - it will make you look at the Golden Arches in a different way.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

W.I.P. Wednesday is Thursday but I never got around to posting yesterday.

I haven't started the One-Skein Scarf yet because I was making hats last week.  I finished the 2 that a Refupea asked me make for her. 

Both are Messy Bun Hats.  I like the swirly way that the brown/black hat came out.

Then...a friend of mine asked for a Chunky Messy Bun Hat with a Bow on the back - personally, I didn't like this hat.  I'm not a fan of the bow (which I made removable) and I am not a fan of Chunky but I made it for her and she loved it.  It looked a bit plain to me and since she loves pink, I freehanded a pink/white removable flower for it.

I am currently knitting some hats for the Woman's March that is happening this weekend.  My local yarn store has had a barage of calls from women wanting this hat so many have volunteered to make them.  I am knitting them but you can crochet or sew fleece ones.  Even Amy Carter (former President Jimmy Carter's daughter) brought some fleece ones into the yarn shop that she made.  Notice the little note that she pinned to each one.  (Click on photo to enlarge)


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