Wednesday, January 11, 2017

W.I.P. Wednesday

After I posted a picture of a couple of Messy Bun hats on the 2 Peas Refungees forum, someone asked if she could pay me to make her a couple of them.  I told her I would be glad to but I can't charge her.  I didn't charge the first person and I won't charge her either.  I enjoy making them and even though I never met her in real life, I consider her a friend of sorts.

So... I am in the process of making her a messy bun hat in brown ombres (Red Heart color is called Platoon).   I will also make her one in baby blue, like the one I made for my friend, Katie. 

After that, I am going to my myself a One-Skein Scarf with the Red Heart Painted Desert multi-color yarn.  I may be facing surgery on my neck soon and will have bandages so I want a simple skinny scarf that kind of matches everything so I think I will make this scarf for myself to wear, just in case I need to cover up the bandages.    It takes 2 hook sizes.  One of them is an "L" hook. 

I thought I had every hook size ever made but turns out I didn't have an "L" hook.  It is kind of large and I suppose I have never needed one before and odds are, I will never need one again, but I have it now (the one with the yellow handle) and it will be available, if I ever need it again.

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Asian Beef Bowl

It has been a while since I posted a recipe.  Someone on 2Peas Refugees forum shared a Korean Beef recipe and it sounded pretty good so I decided to give it a try.  I changed a few little things to suit my personal tastes.

Asian Beef Bowl

1 lb lean ground beef (I use 93% lean)
2 tsp. minced garlic (approx. 3 cloves)
1 tablespoon sesame oil
salt and pepper (to taste)
onion powder (optional and to tasted)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup soy sauce (I prefer low sodium)
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 - 1 teaspoon crushed red peppers (optional)

Knorr Teriyaki Rice, cooked as directed on package (or can use White Rice or Wheat Rice, cooked).

Start rice cooking first. While rice is cooking,  place sesame oil and garlic in a large skillet and heat.

Add ground beef.  Add salt, pepper and onion power as desired and cook until beef is brown and cooked through. Drain the meat to remove fat.  Return to skillet, add brown sugar, soy sauce, ginger,  and red peppers flakes (if desired).

Simmer for a few minutes to blend the flavors. Serve over cooked rice.

Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmmm!!!!

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Messy Bun Hats

About a month ago, I started to see all these posts on facebook about a "Messy Bun Hat".  Seems like for some reason, they suddenly become super popular and highly in demand.  These used to be called "Ponytail Hats" - basically, they are a hat with a hole in the top for your ponytail (or your messy bun) to poke through.

Since I have short hair, I've never been interested in making one of these.

However, due to its Facebook popularity, my friend Katie, sent me a message with a picture of one and asked if I could make her one, in baby blue.  So, I found a pattern over on Amy's Crochet Patterns and I liked this one in particular because it included the strength of incorporating the ponytail hold in the hat.

So - I made my friend a hat in baby blue, as requested.  Her she is...

She seemed pretty pleased with it.  Then a few days later, there was a refupea on the 2Peas Refugees board stating that she wanted one and where could she buy one and I told her I could make one for.  I asked for her color choice a couple of times but when she would reply, she never would give me a color so I just selected a couple of neutral colors and made 2 of them for her.

I hope she liked them.  I haven't heard back from her yet, but it appears she doesn't check the boards that often.  Hopefully I will hear something from her soon. 

While making these, my friend Susan was in town and wanted me to make her a hat with one of the yarns without the hole - because she has short hair.  So I made her one using the Boy Beanie pattern in the Stitch N' B*tch Crochet: The Happy Hooker book.  She loved it !

So here it is, just 6 days into the new year and I've already made 4 hats!  We are supposed to be getting some snow over the weekend so I suspect I will be setting on my couch, wrapped up in a cozy afghan and crocheting on another afghan. 

Maybe you will see a posting of my work in progress next Wednesday😃

I hope you have a nice and warm weekend.

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy 2017!!

Here were are again - at the start of a new year - 2017!! Wow!!  That sounds so wild to say.  I am happy to report that I survived another year and it actually was a pretty good year.  Nothing terrible or tragic happened in my life (well, except for Donald Trump being elected but that is another story for another time).

My remaining family is healthy and doing well and I was able to see my niece and great niece a few months ago and I am so proud of the mom that my niece has become and to see my great niece grow and become her own little independent person.  She is such a joy, just like her mom always is.

Things at work are going well, things at home are going well and I really don't have anything to complain about (except Trump of course - LOL! but nothing I can do about that, right?)

While 2017 saw a lot of celebrity deaths, there were some good things - the CUBS won the World Series!!  How awesome was that?!  Heck, the Falcons are a contender for the Superbowl - so maybe 2017 will be their year - one can only hope.

I did pretty well with my 2016 Goals.
1)  While, I still want to grow stronger in my faith, I do feel that I have reconnected with the Lord and once again have that yearning to learn more of His Word.  I read a daily devotional and it helped me a lot.

2)  I have gotten healthier, thanks to the support of my sister.  We followed the Atkins Plan together and I am proud to say that I have lost 50 lbs.  Atkins was pretty easy for me some reason.  We started together on July 1st with an initial goal to lose 25 lbs by August 31st and we both met our goal!  I slowed a bit during the month of October - birthday, traveling, Halloween - no excuse but just wasn't as strict but I got back on track in November and managed to lose 25 more pounds before the end of the year.

3) As far as the crafts.  I didn't have as much time to craft as I would have liked to.  I did make my 2nd cousin a beautiful baby afghan, which she totally did NOT appreciate like I thought she would.  Plus she never sent me a thank you card (Lesson learned!).  I finished the Mystery CAL Afghan, which I didn't like at all (2nd lesson learned, no more "mystery" patterns for me).  I made this cute little cross-stitch for my niece and her her family, which she totally loved (yeah!).  I learned a new crochet technique, while watching a John Wayne movie. I knitted my mom a little dress for her dishwashing liquid bottle.  I participated in a dishcloth swap and made 5 dishclothes (also learned a new knitting technique in the process) and I got 5 different ones in return. I started making a Virus Blanket (but put in on hiatus for a bit).  I also made 3 Messy Bun Hats (which I haven't blogged about - maybe later)

Wow - looks like I was a little more crafty in 2016 than I remembered.

So....what are my 2017 Goals? 

2017 Goals

Health - continue losing weight.  I still have quiet a bit I need/want to lose and I just know that with some recent decisions I have made in my life, that this year, I will see a major change in my weight and health.

Religion - begin my journey (again) to read the entire Bible.  I really, really, really want to do that this year.  I have had this as a goal for many years but this is the year I intend to actually do it.

Crafts - I want to finish 2 WIPs I have (Virus Blanket and HUGE granny Around the World afghan).  Plus I want to make my mom a knitted shawl and I have a couple of other afghans in mind that I would like to make.  I have a cross stitch that I would like to do too but not sure if I will get to that this year - it is quite an undertaking but you never know.

Other - I would like get my "final financial plans" in place - you know, things like a will, advanced directive, add my sister to my bank accounts, assign a power of attorney - those kinds of things.  None of us are promised tomorrow.  I want to make sure that when that time comes, it will be easy on my family.  I hope that is a long way away, but I have learned that life can end in a second, without warning.  I also have several things around the house that I would like to accomplish, mostly some organization things and such.

Again, although I won't be scrapping about it, my One Little Word of the year is going to be "Renew"

So, here is to 2017, may it be a great year (even with Trump as president). 😝
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Friday, December 23, 2016

Funny Friday - Strip Down

Since it is shopping season - I thought this was appropriate

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Walt Before Mickey

After 12 loyal and dedicated years, my TiVo Series 2 DVR decided it was time to retire and just stopped working.  I knew it was coming because it had gotten to where it would freeze up a lot and I'd have to unplug it and re-plug in just to get it going so I knew its time was coming.  Most people I have heard said theirs lasted about 4 years so I think 12 years was pretty awesome.  TiVo doesn't even make these anymore and if you deactivate the service on one (which I did, of course), then you can't re-activate it.  Goodbye series 2, loyal and trusted friend

But hello....TiVo Bolt - new and tiny TiVo - which is totally cool and awesome!!!

When I first was gifted a TiVo for my birthday 12 year's ago - it was the only DVR on the market - of course every cable and satellite company offers them now but there is just something special about TiVo to me.  To me, owning a TiVo over the cable company's DVR is like owning an iPod over the Zune.

At any rate - while I could go on and on and on about my new TiVo Bolt, this post really isn't about that.

Now that I can stream Netflix through my TiVo (how cool is that?), I watched this wonderful movie yesterday called "Walt Before Mickey".  What a great movie - it is rare to find a movie that isn't full of a lot of bad language and sex but yet is not a "kid" movie and is an enjoyable movie that an adult would like...but this movie is one of them.  I think kids would enjoy it too (maybe not toddlers, but older kids).

It stars Thomas Ian Nichols (Red Band Society, Party of Five, American Pie movies) as a young Walt Disney and John Heder (Napolean Dynamite, Blades of Glory) as Roy Disney.  It was nice to seem him in a more serious role and he did a fantastic job playing Roy.  Jodie Sweetin (Full House) has a small but critical role as their Aunt Charlotte. 

It tells of Walt's life from a young boy, drawing cartoon horses on the side of a barn, to a  young man, who wants to start his own company and make his own animated films.

I've always admired Walt Disney - he was such a visionary!!  So imaginative and creative.  However, he was not a great businessman - luckily he had a brother who was.  He had some minor successes and some big failures until he came up with that cute little mouse that we all know and love today.

If you are a Disney fan, like me, you are known for looking for Hidden Mickeys at both the Walt Disney World Theme Parks and also in the animated movies.  The one in the movie poster posted above is kind of example but it really isn't a hidden Mickey because it is obvious that the cloud is supposed to look like Mickey, right?  So it is an intentional Mickey.

I spotted a Hidden Mickey while watching Walt Before Mickey, too!!  Actually, the scene had two Disney meanings.  After Walt is married, he is riding on a train and his wife is napping on his shoulder.  Before dozing off, she mentions something about his dreams coming true.  He looks out and sees a shooting star so decides to make a wish (get it? When You Wish Upon a Star.....Your Dreams Come True), then as he is looking at the shooting star, I noticed the dark night sky had an interestingly shapped cloud.  I did a screen shot - it is a little dark (it was night time after all) but can you see Mickey?  (click on the photo to enlarge, if needed)

Anyway, I give this move 5 stars (all wished upon) - if you haven't seen it, take the time - especially if you are a Disney fan!

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