Thursday, August 29, 2019

Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves

I heard this song yesterday, it is is rare I hear new music these days since I primarily listen to First Wave or the 80s on 8 on Sirius XM but both of those channels happened to be playing the same exact song at the same exact time and it wasn't a song I particularly wanted to hear (how in the world did they end up playing the same song at the same time?)

So...I poked around and this song was just coming on and I thought it was so pretty.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

W.I.P. Wednesday - 2019 Dishcloth Swap

I took a break from the Around the World Afghan to finish some dishcloths.

So, since these are finished - I guess they are not really a Work In Progress (WIP) but rather a Finished Object (FO)

I have participated in an annual dishcloth swap for a few years now and almost didn't do it this year because I wasn't sure I had time.

I usually knit them because I really prefer knitted dishcloths to crochet ones, but I do have a few crochet ones that I have received in the swaps that I really love. Also, I crochet faster than I knit so I thought...I will crochet them this year.

I decided to make the Pretty Pastel Dishcloth (that I made a tutorial on before).  So, I made them.
Now I just have to get them in the mail - the deadline is this Friday - that is going to be pushing it, since I have no idea when I will have time to get to the Post Office....haha

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Office Pet Peeves Week - Day 4

The "Quick Question"

If I had a nickle for every time says "Can I ask you a quick question" - then I could have retired about 10 years ago.

I honestly do not mind answering questions, if they pertain to my job, I really don't.  I am very happy to help someone that needs it because sometimes I need assistance too.

However, the pet peeve is that although your question may be quick, the answer and solution isn't. 

Employee: Can I ask you a quick question
Me: Sure
Employee: Can you give me all the revenue collections for the past 8 years broken down by tax type and by month?
Me: Uh.....I can but it will take me a while to put all that together
Employee: Okay - just send it to me when done and I need it for a meeting with the president of the company in 1 hour.
Employee: Walks away

All questions are quick, right?
Question: Will you explain evolution?
Question: Will you tell me the name of every US President in order?
Question: Will you give me directions to Kalamazoo?

All of the answers are quick - but the answers (other than telling them Yes I will or No, I won't) but the solution to the question is not quick.

The biggest annoyance is though is that they won't wait for the answer. 

For instance, today someone asked me for a telephone number.  I don't have 1,000 telephone numbers memorized.
I said "It is on this website, let's look it up"
While looking it up, I see the website had been modified so I was having trouble finding the number
The employee didn't want to wait around 30 seconds for me to locate it so said
"Just email it to me when you find it" and walked away.

Now, I am spending MY time looking for a phone number, that he needs but HE is too busy to look it up himself but yet it doesn't bother him that it interupts my work day or takes time away from my schedule.

If you ask me a "quick question" - at least be decent enough to hang around for the answer -  no matter how long it takes.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

W.I.P. Wednesday

I have been busy and out of town so haven't had much crocheting time.  But I did manage to complete a full 1 1/2 rows and started a couple of new rows

I am not sure why but for the current section, I decided to do two rows at a time...We shall see how that works out.

That little lone blue square sitting there in the middle was added because I forgot to join the 2 squares below it so I added the blue square at the top to join all 3 together - I was afraid I would forget by the time I go there.  It is coming along!!  I am loving it so far.

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Office Pet Peeves Week - Day 3

The closed door pet peeve

I rarely close my office door - if  my door is closed there are 3 reasons for it
1) Someone is in my office and we are having a confidential discussion
2) I am on a confidential phone call
3) I am extremely busy trying to meet a deadline

98% of the time, my door is open.

However, it never fails that when I shut more door the following happens

Scenario 1:
Rude Employee: * knock, knock *
Rude Employee: opens door before I say "come in"
Rude Employee: Proceeds to ask me a question or tell me their problem even though they can clearly see I am in the middle of a meeting with someone else because the other employee is standing right in front of me.

Scenario 2:
Rude Employee: * knock, knock *
Me: No reply because I am on a phone call
Rude Employee: * knock knock knock knock knock knock * (and louder)
Me: No reply because I am talking on the phone
Rude Employee: opens the door anyway (although I didn't say "come in") and says "Oh, I didn't know you were on the phone" - I will just wait
Rude Employee: Sits down in my office and leaves the door open.
Me: I have to tell the person I am speaking with to please hold, then tell rude employee that I will see them when I am done with my call
Rude Employee: But I only have a quick question.

There are many others I can list but these are the 2 main issues concerning closed offices doors.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Office Pet Peeve Week - Day 2

Today's Pet Peeve is called the long e-mail add in

Two or more people have been emailing back and forth for days (or sometimes weeks).  You are unaware of this email or the subject matter at hand.

Suddenly, you are brought into the chain by one person that says "Can you answer Tom's question?"

You have to read through 18 pages of emails to find out what Tom's question is about and when all is said and done, it is something as simple as "When is the deadline for submitting XYZ report?"

Why didn't the person just send me a separate email (or pick up the phone for that matter) that said "Can you tell me when XYZ report is due?

Simple...but no, I guess it is much easier for THEM to have ME read through 18 pages of stuff to answer a single question.

So...when you loop someone into a string of emails that has been going on...summarize for the person FIRST - don't make them read the entire chain.

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