Friday, December 23, 2016

Funny Friday - Strip Down

Since it is shopping season - I thought this was appropriate

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Walt Before Mickey

After 12 loyal and dedicated years, my TiVo Series 2 DVR decided it was time to retire and just stopped working.  I knew it was coming because it had gotten to where it would freeze up a lot and I'd have to unplug it and re-plug in just to get it going so I knew its time was coming.  Most people I have heard said theirs lasted about 4 years so I think 12 years was pretty awesome.  TiVo doesn't even make these anymore and if you deactivate the service on one (which I did, of course), then you can't re-activate it.  Goodbye series 2, loyal and trusted friend

But hello....TiVo Bolt - new and tiny TiVo - which is totally cool and awesome!!!

When I first was gifted a TiVo for my birthday 12 year's ago - it was the only DVR on the market - of course every cable and satellite company offers them now but there is just something special about TiVo to me.  To me, owning a TiVo over the cable company's DVR is like owning an iPod over the Zune.

At any rate - while I could go on and on and on about my new TiVo Bolt, this post really isn't about that.

Now that I can stream Netflix through my TiVo (how cool is that?), I watched this wonderful movie yesterday called "Walt Before Mickey".  What a great movie - it is rare to find a movie that isn't full of a lot of bad language and sex but yet is not a "kid" movie and is an enjoyable movie that an adult would like...but this movie is one of them.  I think kids would enjoy it too (maybe not toddlers, but older kids).

It stars Thomas Ian Nichols (Red Band Society, Party of Five, American Pie movies) as a young Walt Disney and John Heder (Napolean Dynamite, Blades of Glory) as Roy Disney.  It was nice to seem him in a more serious role and he did a fantastic job playing Roy.  Jodie Sweetin (Full House) has a small but critical role as their Aunt Charlotte. 

It tells of Walt's life from a young boy, drawing cartoon horses on the side of a barn, to a  young man, who wants to start his own company and make his own animated films.

I've always admired Walt Disney - he was such a visionary!!  So imaginative and creative.  However, he was not a great businessman - luckily he had a brother who was.  He had some minor successes and some big failures until he came up with that cute little mouse that we all know and love today.

If you are a Disney fan, like me, you are known for looking for Hidden Mickeys at both the Walt Disney World Theme Parks and also in the animated movies.  The one in the movie poster posted above is kind of example but it really isn't a hidden Mickey because it is obvious that the cloud is supposed to look like Mickey, right?  So it is an intentional Mickey.

I spotted a Hidden Mickey while watching Walt Before Mickey, too!!  Actually, the scene had two Disney meanings.  After Walt is married, he is riding on a train and his wife is napping on his shoulder.  Before dozing off, she mentions something about his dreams coming true.  He looks out and sees a shooting star so decides to make a wish (get it? When You Wish Upon a Star.....Your Dreams Come True), then as he is looking at the shooting star, I noticed the dark night sky had an interestingly shapped cloud.  I did a screen shot - it is a little dark (it was night time after all) but can you see Mickey?  (click on the photo to enlarge, if needed)

Anyway, I give this move 5 stars (all wished upon) - if you haven't seen it, take the time - especially if you are a Disney fan!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

W.I.P. Wednesday

I am totally in love with this new Caron Cake yarn!!  I wish I had 6-8 of every single colorway.  It is easy to work with, is soft and just so dang pretty!!  I've been good though, I've resisted temptation to buy more even though I have the opportunity to do so....I just tell myself, "finish this project first and if it is meant to be, then you will find the color you want when you go to buy it and if you don't, the world won't end" - haha!

I read that one person said that at every color change, her yarn was tied but that hasn't been my experience - the yarn was only tied in one place and it was barely noticeable.  It is common to have a tie once in a while.  I haven't heard anyone else have the same complaint that person did.  Some folks wish the color change was more gradient and at first I thought the same thing but now, I am glad the color changes are more dramatic.  I guess it would depend on what you were knitting/crocheting. is my Virus Blanket (again, I dislike the name of the pattern - sounds like you will get an infection if touch it).  While I don't care for the name of the pattern, I actually LOVE the pattern!  It is a joy to crochet.

I have finished one cake of yarn (approx 7 oz) and my blanket is approx 23" x 23" so it is growing. 

I think I will give this to a friend of mine as a Christmas gift.  She will love and appreciate it (I hope)

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

W.I.P. Wednesday

I know, I know, I know!!  I seriously said I would NOT start another project until I finished my only remaining Work-In-Progress (WIP) - the Around The World Afghan.

However....I popped into Michael's to get a Prisma colored pencil sharpener (which they didn't have by the way) and stopped dead in my tracks, when I saw this beautiful display of new yarn called Caron Cakes.  Later I found out these are a Michael's exclusive.  I also found out, they are apparently highly sought after and highly coveted so I must have hit the store at the right time.

Oh my goodness - the colors were beautiful and the cakes are a good size (383 yards compared to Caron's Simply Soft at 250 yards).  The names are lovely (like Cherry Chip, Lilac Frosting, Funfetti, Rainbow Sprinkles, etc).  To top it off - it was on sale...Buy 2, get 1 Free and I had a 20% off coupon for all items, including sale items!  How could I pass that up?

Well...the hardest part was deciding on the color - so many choices (18 different color combos in all).  I LOVE purple so was drawn to that. But, I had to think....IF and I meant IF I bought any, what would I make?  I decided to make an afghan for my friend Susan (I have never made one for her before) - it would be a good Christmas present, right?  

So...some of it just so happened to fall into my shopping cart. I chose Rainbow Sprinkles because (a) I know that is what my friend would like and (b) I didn't know what pattern I would use and this seemed the most versitle.

So....I get home and start scanning Ravelry for a desired pattern.  I found several I liked but decided to give the Virus Blanket a try.  I wonder why it is called that?  I digress....

So, I immediatly had to start the blanket to see how the yarn would work.  It is very easy to work with and it is really soft - this is going to be a very comfy blanket when done. 

Now....I have only started it and the very first cake I used, started out with orange in the center (always pull from the center) and I was going along and it changed to red (lovely colors - so bright and pretty) - I was through about the 2nd round of red and had to tug to get the yarn to come out and I pulled out this chunk of orange - all my itself and not connected to anything - almost like they said "oops, we meant to put this in there" and then put it in at the last minute.  Very odd.  Oh well, I just set it aside for now.  I hope the other cakes don't have something like that and it was just a fluke on that one particular cake of yarn.  I guess we will see soon enough because my Around the World Blanket is hibernating now, until I finish this, which I think will work up pretty fast.

What do you think so far?

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Upcoming Movies

Note to self:

Here are some upcoming movies I want to see:

The Light Between Oceans - Sep 2
Sully - Sep 9
Bridget Jones Baby - Sep 16
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Sep 30
Girl on a Train - Oct 7
A Madea Halloween - Oct 21

There may be more later but these are the ones I can think of at the moment

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Art of Gift Receiving

Recently, I had a life lesson in how one should properly receive a gift.

As the gift-giver, I was disappointed in the gift-recipients actions - so disappointed, in fact, that if I could have gotten away with sneaking out with the gift I have given, I would have.  I would rather save it give it to someone who I feel would actually appreciate it (or at least seem like they do).

Things one should NOT do, when receiving a gift:

  • The moment your guests arrives to your party or shower, with your gift, do NOT say....I'll go ahead and open your gift.  It gives the impression of a "gift grab" - as if you don't care if they came or not, as long as you get a gift.  First, offer them a refreshment or a seat - thank them for coming, make them feel like you are actually glad that they came and set your gift aside (perhaps on a table) to be opened later, when the other guests have all arrive.  Do NOT deprive all your guest from seeing what you received. That is part of the fun, they enjoying seeing your gifts and seeing you happy.  If you don't open gifts in front of them, they don't get to enjoy that.  (The only exclusion is a wedding...there is not enough time at a wedding to open gifts, they will be opened later by the happy couple, but if it is a shower or engagement party, there is time...allow your guest to oooh and aaah.
  • When you are opening a gift, smile and say thank you, make NICE comments on the gift you have received.  Say things like "It is beautiful", "This was on my registry, I'm so happy you picked it out", "I love the color", "This is so cute", "This is perfect for my baby's room", "This will be nice to take on my honeymoon.", "This is really pretty", etc. 
  • Do NOT open the bag, peek in and set it aside as if the contents are undesirable.  Do NOT say "I already have this", Do NOT say "I didn't need more baby clothes", do NOT say "Ugh, not more diapers, just what I don't need - ugh", Do NOT toss your gift aside as if it were a pack of peanuts.  Look at your gift, even if it isn't your taste or what you need or want, be appreciated that the person went out of there way to get you a gift and spent their good, hard-earned money especially for you.
  • If you receive a hand-made item (such as a crochet baby blanket, or hand-knitted gloves and scarf), do NOT say "Oh - another crocheted baby blanket" or "I prefer store bought gloves".  Do you realize that if a person made you a gift with their own two hands, it is because they thought you were worth investing their time and money and skills.  They wanted you to have something unique and special, something that no one else could give you.  They spent lots of money buying the raw materials needed, they used their skill (that you as the recipient may not have) and spent hours and hours and hours making something special just for you!  Show a little appreciation.  It may not be your style or it may not be practical for you, but the person that made it for you, cared enough about you to make it - at least respect that and be grateful for that. 
  •  Do NOT forget to send a Thank You Card.  Again, your guests spent their hard-earn money and spent time and energy finding a gift just for you.  Let them know you appreciate it.  Please don't send a generic "Thanks for the gift" (which give the appearance that you don't even know what they gave you), try to be a little specific, such as "Thanks for the lovely frame, our wedding picture looks great in it".  I know sometimes you have a lot of cards to write, but you don't have to write them all at once - spread it over a few days if you have to.  However, at least send a card, even if it is a generic Thank You.  It is better than not sending a card at all.
I recall once going to a baby shower for a friend (not a close friend but close enough to get invited to the shower), I knew she was having a girl and I made (what I thought) was a darling little crochet dress for her.  Anyone can get something off the baby registry but since clothes were on there, I thought I would make something cute and different.  Everyone I showed it too, thought it was sweet and pretty and that the mom-to-be would love it.  She didn't.  How did I know?  The look of horror on her face when she opened it.  As if to say...this is hideous, and it isn't from Neiman Marcus or Macy's and isn't sophisticated enough for my daughter.  Later, I got a generic "thank you for the gift" card.  But at least she sent a Thank You card.

More recently, I gave a different mom-to-be a crochet blanket, she didn't even bother unfolding it when she opened it to get a better view.  She just said "Uh - ANOTHER crochet blanket" - she had only received one before that (a lovely yellow one who I had no idea who made it because she opened the gifts the second we walked in the door).

It just makes me wonder, what do these people do with these apparently unwanted homemade gifts?  If they don't want them, I'd be glad to take them back and give them to someone that would appreciate it.  I suppose they end up in the trash or at goodwill (at least if they go to goodwill maybe someone will get it and appreciate it).

I don't expect praises and jumping up and down and kissing at my feet, but just a general overall expression of happiness and gratitude.  I don't think that is asking for much, do you?

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

I Didn't Have Time To Pray - Poetry Break

I heard this poem many, many years ago and it has always stuck with me.

I Didn't Have Time

I got up early one morning
And rushed right into the day!
I had so much to accomplish
That I didn't have time to pray.

Problems just tumbled about me,
And heavier came each task.
"Why doesn't God help me?" I wondered.
He answered, "You didn't ask!"

I tried to come into God's presence;
I used all my keys at the lock.
God gently and lovingly chided,
"Why, child, you didn't knock!"

I wanted to see joy and beauty,
But the day toiled on, gray and bleak.
I wondered why God didn't show me.
He said, "But you didn't seek."

I woke up early this morning,
And paused before entering the day.
I had so much to accomplish
That I had to take time to pray!

By Grace L. Naessens
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Monday, August 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Beautiful Soul.

On this day in history - one of the most beautiful souls was created and sent to Earth to eventually be with me, I know some people don't think dogs have souls but those people are wrong.  God created them, Heaven would not be complete without dogs in it.  I know that one day I will be reunited with this beautiful soul.  I miss him every single day - my heart still aches for him but I know we will be together again.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Just Breathe

I've been listening to a lot of contemporary Christian music the past couple of weeks - there are so many great Christian songs and it is hard to pick a favorite so I won't, but this one has been stuck in my head for a few days so thought I would share.

Breathe - by Jonny Diaz

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Funny Friday - Story Time

I haven't posted a Funny Friday in a while - I hope you have a great weekend !!!

Think about it.....

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!!  Hump - DAAAYYY !!

Another week, another Wednesday and another Work In Progress

I haven't worked on my Trip Around the World crochet afghan.  Why?  Because I was invited to join a dishcloth swap on Ravelry.

Here is how it works:  You make 5 dishcloths, all the same pattern, but different colors (if you so desire). You mail in those 5 dishcloths by the deadline and then you get 5 different dishcloths made by 5 different people sent back to you.  How fun!!

So...since dishcloths are a quick project, I decided to join in.  I knew exactly which pattern I wanted to try.....The Almost Lost Dishcloth.   I had attempted this pattern before but kept messing it up - I got frustrated and gave up.

However, I saw this as a new opportunity to try it again and for some reason, I didn't have a single problem this time.  In fact, I can whip one of this out pretty quickly and I usually consider myself a slow knitter.  Aren't they pretty?

So far...I have finished 3 1/2 so I only need to finish the current one I am working on and 1 more! I'm looking forward to seeing the ones I get back.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Grey's Anatomy PLUS Crochet

This past Monday, the Lifetime network started showing Grey's Anatomy beginning with episode 1.

I have watched Grey's Anatomy since day 1 - It is now in its 12th season and I have never missed a single episode so you would think I wouldn't get hooked on it again - right?  WRONG!

I have recorded it all week, although it is available on Netflix, there is something about coming home and sitting down and watching it from the DVR - watching the first couple of seasons (yes, I'm on Season 2 already - first season was a short season), reminds me of why I love this show!

I miss those original interns - there are only 2 left of the original interns (Meredith and Alex) and only 2 doctor's left from the original staff (Miranda and Richard).  I love the cast now (well...except for Amelia but she is an entirely different story since I have disliked her character since she appeared on Private Practice).

Anyway....while watching a Season 2, Episode 3...I noticed this really pretty baby blanket.  Derek was in the NICU talking to his estranged wife Addison (wish she'd come back to Seattle Grace...uh.. I mean Grey-Sloan Memorial).  He sat down in a rocker and I spied this pretty chevron baby blanket.

It is crocheted - pretty, huh?  (Both the doctor and the blanket!)  When you are a knitter/crocheter, you tend to notice nice handiwork in scenes.

Also....remember when Grey's had an opening theme song with their credits?  If I recall correctly, they stopped that pretty early on (by end of season 2 maybe?)  It will be interesting to see when they stopped doing that.  I wonder why they dropped it?  I liked it.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day Gift - Easy Knit Project

I haven't knitted in a while and I know I said I wouldn't do a new project until my final WIP was completed but....this only took about an hour to knit up so it really doesn't count.

I decided to give it to my mom as part of her Mother's Day gift.  It is a little knit dress that fits over your bottle of dish-washing liquid.  Silly?  Maybe, a little but cute too so why not?

Bonus, you can take it off and use it as a dishcloth if you want to, then wash it and put it back on the bottle.

It is a tiny bit bigger than it should be because I used size 8 needles instead of 7, which the pattern called for.  However, I didn't have any size 7 needles (yeah - now I have a reason to go to the craft store - I need size 7 needles).  But even if a little bit bigger than it should be - it looks okay and turned out pretty cute.

I got the pattern from this book - that I picked up at Michael's a few months ago.  It is also available on Amazon.

The book has various different patterns - mine is similar to the one shown here on the front cover.  The pattern I used in the book is called "Happy Day #2)

If you don't want to spend $6 on the book, then you can buy the pattern alone for $4 on Leisure Arts website.  Personally, I think the book is a better deal - there are 12 patterns in the book for $6 vs. paying $4 for one pattern.  While some of the patterns are similar to each other, there are different designs, which makes the book worth it in my eyes. Makes more sense to get the book.

Here is a look at what else is in the book.  I really like the one on the bottom right (page 36 apparently) - it is called "Garden Party" so I think I will make that one next time.

So...if you are looking for an inexpensive and quick knit to give as a little gift - give this a try.  It was fun to knit up and rewarding to have a project completed in about an hour.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

W.I.P. Wednesday

Well... I have started my third and final Work-In-Progress.  I didn't realize it until I picked it back up and tried to find out when I originally started this afghan, how long ago it was when I started this afghan.

I was shocked - shocked I tell you - to discover it was back in May 2010.  Could it have really been 6 years ago when I started this?  WOW !!

I had no idea.  I have never had a WIP that old before.  But a lot has happened since then. A LOT - that caused this to get put way back on the back burner.  I won't go into to all that but let's just say that lots of bad stuff happened here and there in the past 6 years.

It is really something I want to accomplish and something I want to  put on my bed in the winter, so I am going to finish it rather than just frog (*) it.  It is going to be so pretty and worth the wait!

I was also a bit surprised that I didn't have more finished than I thought.  Here is my progress to date.  (I thought I had about twice as much done)

Now...tilt your head toward the right - as if you are a confused puppy.

The project in the photo is laying on its side - it is very wide and the only way I could photograph it was to lay it in the long hallway.  I will try to come up with another way to photograph it as I move along - maybe place it on the bed - we shall see.

I imagine you will see this WIP for a while because there are a total of 1,073 granny squares - in case you don't crochet - that is considered a lot!  Plus, our fiscal year end is approaching, and I just found out today that our annual audit is about to being - this means extra work hours for me, so less time for crocheting.  But I do want to finish this ASAP.  Because I have at least 3 other afghans floating around in my  head that I want to make.  I also want to knit a shawl for my mom - would love to give to her on her b-day but it may be Christmas, depending on how fast this moves along.

According to Ravelry, 119 people have this listed in their projects but a quick count shows me that only 30 have actually finished it.  I will be # 31. 

* To frog a project means to undo or un-ravel it.  In other words, you rip-it, rip-it, rip-it out

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W.I.P. Wednesday

Well....I can officially say this is no longer a W.I.P.  It is now a F.O. (Finished Object)

I finished the baby afghan I have been working on.  Since my co-worker (who I was making it for) is not pregnant yet (and I'm not sure if she is still trying), then I will hold on to it for now until she becomes pregnant or some other baby shower comes up in my future.  I've very happy with it.  It is super soft and is such a sweet pattern. 

Now on to the final W.I.P.  Whoo hoo - I have so many other projects in mind that I want to do but I PROMISED myself that I would do these first and so good.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

New Crochet Technique

Over at the Crochet Crowd....they had a call for Dishcloths and they posted several patterns.  I know I said no new projects until all the WIPs were completed but a dishcloth is something I can whip out in an hour.

The Crochet Crowd was looking for submissions because they are going to feature dishcloths, I believe, in their next e-magazine.  Not sure they will even give mine a look but I decided to make one anyway.

I have heard a lot of buzz lately about Corner - to - Corner (or C2C) afghans and this dishcloth is a C2C dishcloth - so I thought - why not give it a try and learn a new technique.

It really took about 30 minutes to do - which I thought was pretty good considering I never made this pattern before.  Not sure I love the look of the pattern but I liked doing it - it was fun, different and quick.

I used self-striping Sugar N' Cream yarn and made it while I was watching "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (which I discovered is a REALLY long movie - almost 3 hours - luckily it was on TCM and therefore didn't have commercials)

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I'm getting very, very close to finishing my 2nd WIP for the year.  It has taken a while but at least it will soon be finished and no longer a work in progress. 

The person I intended this for hasn't mentioned if she is still trying to have a baby or not so I don't know if she is trying (and that is not a question you ask someone unless you are super close to them) - it can be an emotional subject.

I did find out that I have a cousin that is due in October so unless my friend is pregnant by then, and assuming I am invited to my (2nd) cousin's baby shower, then she may be the receiver of the blanket (and perhaps matching booties)

I haven't worked on it much in a couple of weeks because I just been busy with other things.  However, I am super close to finishing now.

I added the corners which consisted of making 24 tiny little granny squares, then sewing them together in groups of 6, then sewing them onto the blanket (sewing is much slower than crocheting), especially when you are sewing through back loops only.

I love the colors.

I just need to add 5 rounds of border (or is it 6?).  That should go pretty fast (I hope).

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Treat - Watergate Salad

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! 

St. Patrick's Day is always associated with the color green.  I remember when I was a kid in 2nd grade and I forgot to wear green to school on St. Patrick's Day - that meant the kids all got to pinch me - I remembered when I was in 3rd grade !! Ouch!!

A few years ago, I made green Lucky Charm Cupcakes for my co-workers.  I was thinking of a green food to make for today and I remembered .... last weekend, I went to The Blue Willow Inn and they serve a delicious Watergate Salad on their salad bar.  It is soooo good and I thought - hey, that is green, I will make that to honor this special holiday.

What?  You've never had Watergate Salad.  How did it get its strange name, you ask?  Well....

In 1975, just 3 years after the famous Nixon Watergate Scandal, Kraft came out with a new product called "Instant Pistachio Pudding".  As Kraft generally does, they put a recipe on the box and called it "Pistachio Pineapple Delight". 

In 1976, The Denver Post, in Empire Magazine, published a recipe that was supposedly created by the sous chef of the Watergate Hotel.  Guess what?  Same recipe as Kraft's Pistachio Pineapple Delight.  Hmmm - sounds a bit nutty, right?

I guess people thought "Watergate Salad" sounded more interesting to eat than "Pistachio Pineapple Delight" (plus it is easier to spell). 

Still...this is know by other names as well.  You may have heard it referred to as:
The Green Stuff
Green Fluff
Pistachio Delight
Green Goop
Golden Gate Salad

Watergate Salad

Recipe Source: Blue Willow Inn
Preparation Time: 1 minutes
Cook Time: 1 minutes
Servings: 1


1 3-ounce package instant pistachio pudding
1 cup miniature marshmallows
1 20-ounce can crushed pineapple, do not drain
1 9-ounce package Cool Whip
1/3 cup chopped pecans


  1. Mix all pudding, marshmallows and crushed pineapple
  2. Fold in Cool Whip 
  3. Refrigerate at least 3 hours and serve cold
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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

W.I.P. Wednesday

I had a great weekend this past weekend and want to write a post about it and I will but for now, I just wanted to post the progress of my current W.I.P.  I have 2 more rounds of white plus one round of each color, so a few more rounds to go, but it is coming along. 

I would like to finish it this weekend but I have company in town so that probably won't happen.  Hopefully it will be finished soon though - I'm ready to move on to my last W.I.P. that needs to be completed.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

W.I.P. Wednesday

Okay - this photo kind of stinks - I should have taken a better one but - oh  well.

I'm progressing along rather quickly on the baby afghan.  I really like this pattern.  I made it twice before but one was over 30 years ago and the other - gosh - maybe 20 - 22 years ago, I'm guessing.  I didn't take photos of them - just gave them away.

However, one of them recently made it back to me.  The one I made for my niece some 30+ years ago.  My sister-in-law recently returned it to me. 


Here it is - I'm on Row 20 and there are 34 rows in total so I'm getting there.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

W.I.P. Wednesday

I have finished my 2nd Work-In-Progress for the year.  It is super-cute, if I can say so, myself (not nice to brag on yourself but I'm not really bragging on myself but I really like this project).

My niece's family lives in New Zealand.  Her husband is from Matamata, which is happens to be where The Shire is from "Lord of the Rings" and it is known as Hobbiton - so, she can officially say she is married to a Hobbit :)

They have the cutest 3 year old that ever existed on the face of the earth (well, I am a little biased I suppose, but she is VERY cute!!).  I would love to post her picture here but don't want to do that without asking her parents first.

At any rate...I decided to make a cross-stitch version of them.  Here is my initial sketch (which I marked up a bit more after this photo to indicate thread color and such). is the final version - kind of hard to see in this photo but the cat has green eyes.  The finished design is approx. 4" x 4" is the final version in its frame.  (Sorry, the fabric isn't all dirty - it is just a reflection in the glass)

Now....this isn't really a W.I.P. but rather just something fun I did today at lunch - I colored in my daily calendar.  I saw in a Facebook coloring group that someone else had colored this and posted it but (not to brag on myself - haha) my version is WAY better than hers was - haha!!  (You don't need to pat me on the back, I'm doing a good job of doing that myself).  I'm sorry, but it is the truth.  She just colored hers all gray with red hearts - how boring.  Mine has some colorful life in it.  Now, I know there is no "right" or "wrong" way to color and it isn't a competition, but if you could compare the two, I'm sure you would agree that mine is  much prettier.  ;-) I'm back to my next W.I.P.  - I started it almost a year ago and then totally set it aside because the person it was intended for, wasn't getting pregnant (but she told me she had kind of postponed trying at one point).  I'm not sure if she has started trying again or not but I'm going to finish this baby blanket, just in case.  Once finished, I will hang on to it, in case she does get pregnant, but if not, I will eventually give it to someone else or donate it to a NICU.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Funny Friday - Cute Joke!

Happy Friday!!! Have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Donny & Marie - Wax Figures - Part II

Tuesday night, the Donny & Marie wax figures were unveiled - wow!! It is amazing how realistic they are!!  I wish I had a close up of Marie side-by-side with her wax twin but she didn't post any photos.

Very cool!! 

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

W.I.P. Wednesday

So...what am I working on these days?  I am proud that I finished up one W.I.P. (work in progress) and it is no longer an U.F.O. (unfinished object).  I'm currently working on my second W.I.P. and it is coming along nicely - it is actually P.D.C. (pretty darned cute), if I do say so myself.

I'm making a cross-stitch replica of my niece and her family.  So far I just have a portion of my great niece and niece done.  It is coming along rather quickly and I hope to be done before I receive the girl scout cookies I ordered.  I'm going to ship my niece the girl scout cookies (she can't get the ones she craves in New Zealand) and I want to send this completed project along with the cookies.  I was going to wait until their wedding anniversary in May but decided I would rather go ahead and send it.  I'll post another picture when completed. But so far...I'm pretty happy with how it is shaping up.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Donny & Marie - Waxy Versions

Donny and Marie Osmond were suppose to perform 6 weeks in Las Vegas in 2009.  They sold out every show at the Flamingo Hotel.  So....they were asked to stay for 6 months, they still sold out every show, so they were asked to stay a year, then another and another and now 7 years later they are still selling out !!  I've seen the show myself several times and I want to go back again (finger's crossed).

They've also won the Best Show in Las Vegas for several years.  So, the city decided they wanted to freeze them in time so to speak. 

They are going to have their own wax figures at Madam Tussaud's in Las Vegas!!

Donny recently posted this photo of his wax hand - holding his favorite brand of microphone.  Look at the detail - it looks so real (click to make it bigger)

It looks like Donny had a lot of fun helping them pick out his hair color and his famous teeth.

Marie got in on the fun too of course

She is so beautiful.  You can see her beauty in her photos but when you see her in person - wow!!!  She is BEAUTIFUL !!!!

Looks like she went through a lot to get her measurements exactly right. Click on the photo and look at all those dots on her face.

 They are suppose to unveil their figures next month !  So, hopefully I will make it to Las Vegas this year and hopefully will get to see their wax versions too.


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