Wednesday, August 31, 2016

W.I.P. Wednesday

I know, I know, I know!!  I seriously said I would NOT start another project until I finished my only remaining Work-In-Progress (WIP) - the Around The World Afghan.

However....I popped into Michael's to get a Prisma colored pencil sharpener (which they didn't have by the way) and stopped dead in my tracks, when I saw this beautiful display of new yarn called Caron Cakes.  Later I found out these are a Michael's exclusive.  I also found out, they are apparently highly sought after and highly coveted so I must have hit the store at the right time.

Oh my goodness - the colors were beautiful and the cakes are a good size (383 yards compared to Caron's Simply Soft at 250 yards).  The names are lovely (like Cherry Chip, Lilac Frosting, Funfetti, Rainbow Sprinkles, etc).  To top it off - it was on sale...Buy 2, get 1 Free and I had a 20% off coupon for all items, including sale items!  How could I pass that up?

Well...the hardest part was deciding on the color - so many choices (18 different color combos in all).  I LOVE purple so was drawn to that. But, I had to think....IF and I meant IF I bought any, what would I make?  I decided to make an afghan for my friend Susan (I have never made one for her before) - it would be a good Christmas present, right?  

So...some of it just so happened to fall into my shopping cart. I chose Rainbow Sprinkles because (a) I know that is what my friend would like and (b) I didn't know what pattern I would use and this seemed the most versitle.

So....I get home and start scanning Ravelry for a desired pattern.  I found several I liked but decided to give the Virus Blanket a try.  I wonder why it is called that?  I digress....

So, I immediatly had to start the blanket to see how the yarn would work.  It is very easy to work with and it is really soft - this is going to be a very comfy blanket when done. 

Now....I have only started it and the very first cake I used, started out with orange in the center (always pull from the center) and I was going along and it changed to red (lovely colors - so bright and pretty) - I was through about the 2nd round of red and had to tug to get the yarn to come out and I pulled out this chunk of orange - all my itself and not connected to anything - almost like they said "oops, we meant to put this in there" and then put it in at the last minute.  Very odd.  Oh well, I just set it aside for now.  I hope the other cakes don't have something like that and it was just a fluke on that one particular cake of yarn.  I guess we will see soon enough because my Around the World Blanket is hibernating now, until I finish this, which I think will work up pretty fast.

What do you think so far?

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