Wednesday, September 14, 2016

W.I.P. Wednesday

I am totally in love with this new Caron Cake yarn!!  I wish I had 6-8 of every single colorway.  It is easy to work with, is soft and just so dang pretty!!  I've been good though, I've resisted temptation to buy more even though I have the opportunity to do so....I just tell myself, "finish this project first and if it is meant to be, then you will find the color you want when you go to buy it and if you don't, the world won't end" - haha!

I read that one person said that at every color change, her yarn was tied but that hasn't been my experience - the yarn was only tied in one place and it was barely noticeable.  It is common to have a tie once in a while.  I haven't heard anyone else have the same complaint that person did.  Some folks wish the color change was more gradient and at first I thought the same thing but now, I am glad the color changes are more dramatic.  I guess it would depend on what you were knitting/crocheting. is my Virus Blanket (again, I dislike the name of the pattern - sounds like you will get an infection if touch it).  While I don't care for the name of the pattern, I actually LOVE the pattern!  It is a joy to crochet.

I have finished one cake of yarn (approx 7 oz) and my blanket is approx 23" x 23" so it is growing. 

I think I will give this to a friend of mine as a Christmas gift.  She will love and appreciate it (I hope)

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