Friday, October 26, 2012

Funny Friday - Halloween Style

Since it is that time of year for ghost and goblins, I thought this might be appropriate for today.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 Movies - Version 09.2012

Listing of movies I've seen in 2012 (does not include TV movies or movies I've re-watched)
A indicates my favorite for the month.
September 2012
The Aviator - as I said last month - Leonard DiCaprio is AMAZING!!!
Hop - some funny lines but I kept falling asleep - took me 3 viewings to finish it all.
Air Force One - can't believe I never watched this before - really good !
Ghost Son - ugh- stupid and terrible acting - not sure why I sat through it.
Murder on the 13th Floor - pretty good, but made me want to sort of have an apt like they had
Orphan - good thriller about a bad girl but had a strange twist that left me feeling a bit weirded out. 

Sexting in Suburbia - better than the title sounds
Last Hours in Suburbia - could have been good - not the best acting in the world but the story-line got a bit old and seemed to drag. 

August 2012
Madea's Witness Protection - I love Tyler Perry, he is so stinking cute!
What's Your Number - Anna Faris movie, kind of cute. 
Bambi II - I didn't know there was a Bambi II, just happened to catch it on TV - very cute!
J.Edgar - great film! Leonard DiCaprio is such and AMAZING actor!
Hope Springs - I love, love, love Meryl Streep !!!
No Time for Sargents -  I have never seen the whole movie before - too funny !!
Soul Surfer - GREAT movie - it is rare to find movies that the whole family can enjoy

July 2012
Crazy, Stupid, Love - Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone - what's not to like ?  Cute movie.
Dolphin Tale - A true story - sweet - great family movie (which sadly you don't see too much of anymore)
It's Kind of a Funny Story - from Focus films so I knew I'd like it.  Very good story - I really enjoyed it.
Ted - Oh my goodness - so hilarious !! I laughed so much !!
Unstoppable - Denzel Washington; Chris Pine - very intense - very good. 
Moonrise Kingdom - charming, sweet & kind of quirky but I really liked it. Great cast.
The Big Year - lots of big names but never heard of it before - was just okay - middle of the road for me.

June 2012
Mr. Popper's Penguins - pretty cute, would have been better without the poop jokes but I am sure it made the kids laugh.
Rock of Ages - just when I think I can't love Tom Cruise anymore, here he comes as Stacee Jaxx
Hangover II - pretty funny-like the first one but set it Bancock
Kung Fu Panda II - cute, they set it up for a part III right at the end.
Brave - the latest Disney/Pixar creations - wonderful, of course !

Magic Mike - great dancing, not so great acting.
May 2012  
Monte Carlo - pretty cute teen movie with a Prince & the Pauper theme.
Going the Distance - Drew Barrymore flick - was ok but not her best film by any means
The Kids are Alright - pretty good story but too much unnecessary nudity
One Day - long love story, the finally get together and then tragedy strikes
Paul - alien movie where Blythe Danner drops the f-bomb, shows you how good it was - NOT !
Dark Shadows - way better than I thought it would be based on the reviews I'd heard - I really liked it.
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - great legendary British actors in this movie, interesting to see Indian culture.

April 2012
Eat, Pray, Love - better than I thought it would be.
Horrible Bosses - was okay, didn't hate it, didn't love it - but did not like Jennifer Aniston's character at all
Chimpanzee - so sweet, so amazing, incredible photography - wow !
Water for Elephants - the book was a bit slow to me, so was the movie - good acting though.
Pirates - Band of Misfits (3D) - funny, cute story - I love 3D
Larry Crowne - Tom Hanks/Julie Roberts.  I heard a lot of bad reviews for this when it first came out but I decided to watch it and I liked it.

March 2012
The Way - staring Martin Sheen, about a man taking over a pilgrimage for his son, pretty good
Legally Blond 2 - I love Reese Witherspoon but ... the first Legally Blond was great, the didn't need #2
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - very funny movie - romance but also drama - I loved it.
Cedar Rapids - watched on HBO, was just okay
Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son - also on HBO - also just okay
Bridemaids - not as crude as I thought it was going to be (really only a couple of crude scenes), it was a pretty good story but not sure what the big hoopla was about it.  Also don't know why Melissa McCarthy was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, she did a fine job but she wasn't any more special then the other girls in it.   

February 2012
Extremely Loud and Incredible Close - good acting, had a lot of narration, a little upsetting
Warhorse - Epic storytelling in classic Steven Spielberg fashion - I loved it
Moneyball - true story - good but kind of slow for me
Ides of March - very good, incredible to know stuff like that (or worse) goes on in real life. 
Tree of Life - very artsy movie that was HORRIBLE
Midnight in Paris - sweet, charming and romantic. 

January 2012
Something Borrowed - good story but moved a little slow I thought
Mean Girls - really liked it
Hall Pass - just okay - was crude and predictable
Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part I - good, a little cheesy when the werewolves talked to each other though
Insidious - not as scary as I thought it would be but was creepy and spooky without gore
The Artist - I LOVED this movie - LOVED it !!    ❤ ❤ ❤
The Karate Kid (the newer one with Jaden Smith) - never saw it before, they should have named it The Kung-Fu Kid, I wonder why they didn't?
The Descendants - good movie, good acting, beautiful location
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