Friday, September 28, 2012

Funny Friday - Worship Signs

This is funny to me because it is true - I see all these signs every week in church - I am guilty of some of them myself

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Andy Williams Tribute by Donny Osmond

Andy Williams, passed away yesterday - he was such an amazing singer - had one of the smoothest voices I have ever heard.

I will always love him not only because of his amazing talent but also because he was responsible for introducing America to the famous Osmond family. 

The Osmonds always remained closed to Andy and in fact, Jimmy, Jay and Merrill were scheduled to perform with Andy next week in Branson for his 75th Anniversary in show business.  They are still going to perform in Branson to pay tribute to him.

Donny & Marie are currently performing at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV and last night, Donny paid tribute to Andy Williams in the best way he knows singing Moon River.

Donny's voice is AMAZING and he really does this song justice.  I hope he considers adding it to their show, it would be such a nice tribute to Andy Williams.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Extreme Sporting - A Family Affair

This was my "What the heck?" moment today....

I was checking e-Bay for "Family Affair" - the TV Show of course and this came up.....

Gee, there is nothing more special then spending family time teaching your 5 year old "Extreme" hunting and killing animals with a shotgun.  What a way to bond - such a true "Family Affair"

Of course my reaction when I saw this little DVD was more like this:

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Knitting Eyes - What are they looking at ?

When browsing knitting patterns, I see such a common occurrence in the photos, that I decided I needed to comment on it.  I just find it so amusing.

I can't be the only knitter/crocheter that notices this....

Why do SO MANY ladies feel they have to look up or off in the distance when photographing their beautifully made items?

Now I do not know any of these ladies and I actually bow down to their knitting talent. Please do not think I am mocking them - because I am NOT - it is just an observation...about photography.

I was admiring this lovely green sweater on someone's blog I believe and thought what is she looking at?  Why doesn't she look at the camera.

Then I realized - it isn't just her - it seems so many people do this.  Take this lady for example...

 Also a beautiful sweater, also looking off in the distance.  Do they get this idea from knitting magazines?
Perhaps they do.

Sometimes I think they look down to show the detail in the pattern, especially for hats.

But then I realize - does looking down really show that much more detail ?  What about this one...

or this one?

What are they looking at?

Even those that wear scarves are prone to look anywhere but the camera

All the scarves are beautiful but what are they looking at ?  Even girls with gloves get into the action.

Isn't that last blue set amazing?? Look at that cable work - I'm so jealous - I LOVE that hat!  

 Heck...even mannequins participate in this sport of looking away from the camera

All this just reminds me of a family from the late 1960s/early 1970s

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

2012 Movies - Version 08.12

Listing of movies I've seen in 2012 (does not include TV movies or movies I've re-watched)

A indicates my favorite for the month.

August 2012
Madea's Witness Protection - I love Tyler Perry, he is so stinking cute!
What's Your Number - Anna Faris movie, kind of cute.  
Bambi II - I didn't know there was a Bambi II, just happened to catch it on TV - very cute!
J.Edgar - great film! Leonard DiCaprio is such and AMAZING actor!
Hope Springs - I love, love, love Meryl Streep !!!
No Time for Sargents -  I have never seen the whole movie before - too funny !!
Soul Surfer - GREAT movie - it is rare to find movies that the whole family can enjoy

July 2012
Crazy, Stupid, Love - Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone - what's not to like ?  Cute movie.
Dolphin Tale - A true story - sweet - great family movie (which sadly you don't see too much of anymore)
It's Kind of a Funny Story - from Focus films so I knew I'd like it.  Very good story - I really enjoyed it.
Ted - Oh my goodness - so hilarious !! I laughed so much !!
Unstoppable - Denzel Washington; Chris Pine - very intense - very good. 
Moonrise Kingdom - charming, sweet & kind of quirky but I really liked it. Great cast.
The Big Year - lots of big names but never heard of it before - was just okay - middle of the road for me.

June 2012
Mr. Popper's Penguins - pretty cute, would have been better without the poop jokes but I am sure it made the kids laugh.
Rock of Ages - just when I think I can't love Tom Cruise anymore, here he comes as Stacee Jaxx
Hangover II - pretty funny-like the first one but set it Bancock
Kung Fu Panda II - cute, they set it up for a part III right at the end.
Brave - the latest Disney/Pixar creations - wonderful, of course !

Magic Mike - great dancing, not so great acting.
May 2012  
Monte Carlo - pretty cute teen movie with a Prince & the Pauper theme.
Going the Distance - Drew Barrymore flick - was ok but not her best film by any means
The Kids are Alright - pretty good story but too much unnecessary nudity
One Day - long love story, the finally get together and then tragedy strikes
Paul - alien movie where Blythe Danner drops the f-bomb, shows you how good it was - NOT !
Dark Shadows - way better than I thought it would be based on the reviews I'd heard - I really liked it.
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - great legendary British actors in this movie, interesting to see Indian culture.

April 2012
Eat, Pray, Love - better than I thought it would be.
Horrible Bosses - was okay, didn't hate it, didn't love it - but did not like Jennifer Aniston's character at all
Chimpanzee - so sweet, so amazing, incredible photography - wow !
Water for Elephants - the book was a bit slow to me, so was the movie - good acting though.
Pirates - Band of Misfits (3D) - funny, cute story - I love 3D
Larry Crowne - Tom Hanks/Julie Roberts.  I heard a lot of bad reviews for this when it first came out but I decided to watch it and I liked it.

March 2012
The Way - staring Martin Sheen, about a man taking over a pilgrimage for his son, pretty good
Legally Blond 2 - I love Reese Witherspoon but ... the first Legally Blond was great, the didn't need #2
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - very funny movie - romance but also drama - I loved it.
Cedar Rapids - watched on HBO, was just okay
Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son - also on HBO - also just okay
Bridemaids - not as crude as I thought it was going to be (really only a couple of crude scenes), it was a pretty good story but not sure what the big hoopla was about it.  Also don't know why Melissa McCarthy was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, she did a fine job but she wasn't any more special then the other girls in it.   

February 2012
Extremely Loud and Incredible Close - good acting, had a lot of narration, a little upsetting
Warhorse - Epic storytelling in classic Steven Spielberg fashion - I loved it
Moneyball - true story - good but kind of slow for me
Ides of March - very good, incredible to know stuff like that (or worse) goes on in real life. 
Tree of Life - very artsy movie that was HORRIBLE
Midnight in Paris - sweet, charming and romantic. 

January 2012
Something Borrowed - good story but moved a little slow I thought
Mean Girls - really liked it
Hall Pass - just okay - was crude and predictable
Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part I - good, a little cheesy when the werewolves talked to each other though
Insidious - not as scary as I thought it would be but was creepy and spooky without gore
The Artist - I LOVED this movie - LOVED it !!    ❤ ❤ ❤
The Karate Kid (the newer one with Jaden Smith) - never saw it before, they should have named it The Kung-Fu Kid, I wonder why they didn't?
The Descendants - good movie, good acting, beautiful location
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