Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Knitting Eyes - What are they looking at ?

When browsing knitting patterns, I see such a common occurrence in the photos, that I decided I needed to comment on it.  I just find it so amusing.

I can't be the only knitter/crocheter that notices this....

Why do SO MANY ladies feel they have to look up or off in the distance when photographing their beautifully made items?

Now I do not know any of these ladies and I actually bow down to their knitting talent. Please do not think I am mocking them - because I am NOT - it is just an observation...about photography.

I was admiring this lovely green sweater on someone's blog I believe and thought what is she looking at?  Why doesn't she look at the camera.

Then I realized - it isn't just her - it seems so many people do this.  Take this lady for example...

 Also a beautiful sweater, also looking off in the distance.  Do they get this idea from knitting magazines?
Perhaps they do.

Sometimes I think they look down to show the detail in the pattern, especially for hats.

But then I realize - does looking down really show that much more detail ?  What about this one...

or this one?

What are they looking at?

Even those that wear scarves are prone to look anywhere but the camera

All the scarves are beautiful but what are they looking at ?  Even girls with gloves get into the action.

Isn't that last blue set amazing?? Look at that cable work - I'm so jealous - I LOVE that hat!  

 Heck...even mannequins participate in this sport of looking away from the camera

All this just reminds me of a family from the late 1960s/early 1970s

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  1. lol! This is hilarious. I have been guilty of this. I think it's because models feel weird looking straight at the camera...and sometimes, it's really freaky when someone is looking straight at the camera. It's not about's the knitted project! Nonetheless, I love your Brady Bunch mashup.

  2. Thank you for voicing the observation that I believe many of us have seen.
    LOOK AT THE CAMERA AND SMILE!!!!!! You just made something cool!