Sunday, September 25, 2016

Walt Before Mickey

After 12 loyal and dedicated years, my TiVo Series 2 DVR decided it was time to retire and just stopped working.  I knew it was coming because it had gotten to where it would freeze up a lot and I'd have to unplug it and re-plug in just to get it going so I knew its time was coming.  Most people I have heard said theirs lasted about 4 years so I think 12 years was pretty awesome.  TiVo doesn't even make these anymore and if you deactivate the service on one (which I did, of course), then you can't re-activate it.  Goodbye series 2, loyal and trusted friend

But hello....TiVo Bolt - new and tiny TiVo - which is totally cool and awesome!!!

When I first was gifted a TiVo for my birthday 12 year's ago - it was the only DVR on the market - of course every cable and satellite company offers them now but there is just something special about TiVo to me.  To me, owning a TiVo over the cable company's DVR is like owning an iPod over the Zune.

At any rate - while I could go on and on and on about my new TiVo Bolt, this post really isn't about that.

Now that I can stream Netflix through my TiVo (how cool is that?), I watched this wonderful movie yesterday called "Walt Before Mickey".  What a great movie - it is rare to find a movie that isn't full of a lot of bad language and sex but yet is not a "kid" movie and is an enjoyable movie that an adult would like...but this movie is one of them.  I think kids would enjoy it too (maybe not toddlers, but older kids).

It stars Thomas Ian Nichols (Red Band Society, Party of Five, American Pie movies) as a young Walt Disney and John Heder (Napolean Dynamite, Blades of Glory) as Roy Disney.  It was nice to seem him in a more serious role and he did a fantastic job playing Roy.  Jodie Sweetin (Full House) has a small but critical role as their Aunt Charlotte. 

It tells of Walt's life from a young boy, drawing cartoon horses on the side of a barn, to a  young man, who wants to start his own company and make his own animated films.

I've always admired Walt Disney - he was such a visionary!!  So imaginative and creative.  However, he was not a great businessman - luckily he had a brother who was.  He had some minor successes and some big failures until he came up with that cute little mouse that we all know and love today.

If you are a Disney fan, like me, you are known for looking for Hidden Mickeys at both the Walt Disney World Theme Parks and also in the animated movies.  The one in the movie poster posted above is kind of example but it really isn't a hidden Mickey because it is obvious that the cloud is supposed to look like Mickey, right?  So it is an intentional Mickey.

I spotted a Hidden Mickey while watching Walt Before Mickey, too!!  Actually, the scene had two Disney meanings.  After Walt is married, he is riding on a train and his wife is napping on his shoulder.  Before dozing off, she mentions something about his dreams coming true.  He looks out and sees a shooting star so decides to make a wish (get it? When You Wish Upon a Star.....Your Dreams Come True), then as he is looking at the shooting star, I noticed the dark night sky had an interestingly shapped cloud.  I did a screen shot - it is a little dark (it was night time after all) but can you see Mickey?  (click on the photo to enlarge, if needed)

Anyway, I give this move 5 stars (all wished upon) - if you haven't seen it, take the time - especially if you are a Disney fan!

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