Monday, April 25, 2016

New Crochet Technique

Over at the Crochet Crowd....they had a call for Dishcloths and they posted several patterns.  I know I said no new projects until all the WIPs were completed but a dishcloth is something I can whip out in an hour.

The Crochet Crowd was looking for submissions because they are going to feature dishcloths, I believe, in their next e-magazine.  Not sure they will even give mine a look but I decided to make one anyway.

I have heard a lot of buzz lately about Corner - to - Corner (or C2C) afghans and this dishcloth is a C2C dishcloth - so I thought - why not give it a try and learn a new technique.

It really took about 30 minutes to do - which I thought was pretty good considering I never made this pattern before.  Not sure I love the look of the pattern but I liked doing it - it was fun, different and quick.

I used self-striping Sugar N' Cream yarn and made it while I was watching "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (which I discovered is a REALLY long movie - almost 3 hours - luckily it was on TCM and therefore didn't have commercials)

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  1. Thank you for swinging by my blog last week! Sorry it's taken so long to stop by, I had company come into town late last week, so I've been off blogger since Wednesday night. I love this dishcloth! I've never tried crocheting before- I tried knitting once, but got frustrated. Lol. I'm gonna give it another go though, I think I would like it if I got the hang of it. :) Have a great day!!

    1. Hi and thank you for stopping by my blog too. I hope your visit with your company went well. I tired knitting once and gave it up too but then picked it back up a few years ago and got it this time. I am better at crochet (been doing that since I was 9 years old) - don't give up - give one or both another try. Hope you have a great day too!