Saturday, May 14, 2016

Grey's Anatomy PLUS Crochet

This past Monday, the Lifetime network started showing Grey's Anatomy beginning with episode 1.

I have watched Grey's Anatomy since day 1 - It is now in its 12th season and I have never missed a single episode so you would think I wouldn't get hooked on it again - right?  WRONG!

I have recorded it all week, although it is available on Netflix, there is something about coming home and sitting down and watching it from the DVR - watching the first couple of seasons (yes, I'm on Season 2 already - first season was a short season), reminds me of why I love this show!

I miss those original interns - there are only 2 left of the original interns (Meredith and Alex) and only 2 doctor's left from the original staff (Miranda and Richard).  I love the cast now (well...except for Amelia but she is an entirely different story since I have disliked her character since she appeared on Private Practice).

Anyway....while watching a Season 2, Episode 3...I noticed this really pretty baby blanket.  Derek was in the NICU talking to his estranged wife Addison (wish she'd come back to Seattle Grace...uh.. I mean Grey-Sloan Memorial).  He sat down in a rocker and I spied this pretty chevron baby blanket.

It is crocheted - pretty, huh?  (Both the doctor and the blanket!)  When you are a knitter/crocheter, you tend to notice nice handiwork in scenes.

Also....remember when Grey's had an opening theme song with their credits?  If I recall correctly, they stopped that pretty early on (by end of season 2 maybe?)  It will be interesting to see when they stopped doing that.  I wonder why they dropped it?  I liked it.

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