Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day Gift - Easy Knit Project

I haven't knitted in a while and I know I said I wouldn't do a new project until my final WIP was completed but....this only took about an hour to knit up so it really doesn't count.

I decided to give it to my mom as part of her Mother's Day gift.  It is a little knit dress that fits over your bottle of dish-washing liquid.  Silly?  Maybe, a little but cute too so why not?

Bonus, you can take it off and use it as a dishcloth if you want to, then wash it and put it back on the bottle.

It is a tiny bit bigger than it should be because I used size 8 needles instead of 7, which the pattern called for.  However, I didn't have any size 7 needles (yeah - now I have a reason to go to the craft store - I need size 7 needles).  But even if a little bit bigger than it should be - it looks okay and turned out pretty cute.

I got the pattern from this book - that I picked up at Michael's a few months ago.  It is also available on Amazon.

The book has various different patterns - mine is similar to the one shown here on the front cover.  The pattern I used in the book is called "Happy Day #2)

If you don't want to spend $6 on the book, then you can buy the pattern alone for $4 on Leisure Arts website.  Personally, I think the book is a better deal - there are 12 patterns in the book for $6 vs. paying $4 for one pattern.  While some of the patterns are similar to each other, there are different designs, which makes the book worth it in my eyes. Makes more sense to get the book.

Here is a look at what else is in the book.  I really like the one on the bottom right (page 36 apparently) - it is called "Garden Party" so I think I will make that one next time.

So...if you are looking for an inexpensive and quick knit to give as a little gift - give this a try.  It was fun to knit up and rewarding to have a project completed in about an hour.

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