Monday, January 18, 2016

Mystery Crochet-a-Long Finally Finished

Last Spring, I decided to do a Mystery Crochet-a-Long.  It was my 2nd one.  The first Mystery CAL, I absolutely hated the design, so I frogged it and decided to use the yarn for something else.

This one, I stuck with it - I didn't HATE the design, but I will be frank, I wasn't really happy with it either.  I finished all the squares on time - right along with everyone else, but I never pieced it together.  There are several reasons for that.

1 - I knew it was going to be small.  They said it was an AFGHAN but it isn't, well, maybe it is - for a baby!!  I felt ripped off.  I thought I would have an afghan when done, but could tell it would be small and also - folks on Ravelry, who did piece theirs together kept saying it was really small and they were disappointed in the size.

2 - I didn't "love" the design.  Again, I felt kind of cheated.  We made these long chains in the corners and were told - "just wait until you see what we do with these" and then..... nothing - we didn't do anything with them - they didn't add a thing to the look of the squares.  Also, there was this little bobble in the middle of the square that I thought would be built upon wasn't - it is just a little ugly blob.

So....I set it aside and said, I'll piece it together one day.  Since I had a long weekend and since I want to finish up all my WIPs before starting a new project.  I decided this weekend was it. it is, the completed afghan baby afghan lapghan foot blanket.

Finished size 30" x 36"
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