Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Donny & Marie - Waxy Versions

Donny and Marie Osmond were suppose to perform 6 weeks in Las Vegas in 2009.  They sold out every show at the Flamingo Hotel.  So....they were asked to stay for 6 months, they still sold out every show, so they were asked to stay a year, then another and another and now 7 years later they are still selling out !!  I've seen the show myself several times and I want to go back again (finger's crossed).

They've also won the Best Show in Las Vegas for several years.  So, the city decided they wanted to freeze them in time so to speak. 

They are going to have their own wax figures at Madam Tussaud's in Las Vegas!!

Donny recently posted this photo of his wax hand - holding his favorite brand of microphone.  Look at the detail - it looks so real (click to make it bigger)

It looks like Donny had a lot of fun helping them pick out his hair color and his famous teeth.

Marie got in on the fun too of course

She is so beautiful.  You can see her beauty in her photos but when you see her in person - wow!!!  She is BEAUTIFUL !!!!

Looks like she went through a lot to get her measurements exactly right. Click on the photo and look at all those dots on her face.

 They are suppose to unveil their figures next month !  So, hopefully I will make it to Las Vegas this year and hopefully will get to see their wax versions too.


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