Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I currently have 2 projects that I am working on.

First....a baby afghan.  I have a co-worker that is going to start trying to have a baby (yes, she isn't even pregnant yet but why wait to the last minute).  I decided to make a pattern that I've made twice before because I think it is so pretty and it is fun to make.

The first time I made this was for my niece, who was born in 1981.  Then I made one for a friend, whose son was born in 1986 (I think).  I don't have pictures of those afghans but I made them long before I understand the concept of yarn weight.  Back then, I bought what I could afford and what was available.  The only store available was K-Mart and they sold Red Heart so that is what I bought.  I didn't know about baby weight vs. worsted weight and such.  Needless to say, my baby blankets were pretty BIG!

I'm a self-taught crocheter and back in those days, there wasn't craft stores like Michael's around or the internet to research.  I had a "how to crochet book" that I got at K-Mart and that was the only place where I could buy my supplies at the time.  (They don't even have a craft section anymore)

Anyway.....the "vintage" pattern is Rainbow Set and is from a Leisure Arts Booklet - Leaflet 191 (as you can see, you can also make matching booties and jacket).  Since the booklet is now out of print, you can purchase the pattern on Leisure Arts website.

I picked out some beautiful colors (in baby weight - haha).  I decided to use Baby Bee (Sweet Delight), which is sold at Hobby Lobby.  Aren't the colors pretty?

It starts out in the center like a granny square ( I do enjoy granny squares)

After getting the center square done, you work with white yarn for a bit.  Which is where I am now.
What do you think so far?

Now....I was not going to start another project until this was finished but.....
I accidentally found out about Yarnspirations Mystery Afghan Crochet-a-long (CAL).  I just so happened to see it on Facebook (or maybe it was Ravelry) on the day after it started.  I tried a mystery CAL before and totally did not like it so ended up not completing it. But since I was starting the day after the first clue on this one came out and could see it would be a bit more symmetrical than my previous mystery CAL, I decided to go ahead and give it a shot.

I used one of the color palettes suggested by Yarnspirations (Version 5).  I liked the softness of the colors.

 So...clue Number 1 (of 10) was easy enough...make 20 granny squares

Clue Number 2 was pretty simple and added a cross on top of the squares

I have finished clue Number 3 and almost though Number 4 but don't have photos of those yet so will post on a future WIP update.  I am a tad behind since Clue #5 started yesterday and I haven't finished with clue 4 yet but I don't think # 5 will take me long so hopefully by the time clue 6 comes out next Tuesday, I will be all caught up.

PS:  I'm already thinking of my next project but it will be knitted.  I have promised myself though that I won't begin it until these 2 projects are complete.

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