Wednesday, February 17, 2016

W.I.P. Wednesday

I have finished my 2nd Work-In-Progress for the year.  It is super-cute, if I can say so, myself (not nice to brag on yourself but I'm not really bragging on myself but I really like this project).

My niece's family lives in New Zealand.  Her husband is from Matamata, which is happens to be where The Shire is from "Lord of the Rings" and it is known as Hobbiton - so, she can officially say she is married to a Hobbit :)

They have the cutest 3 year old that ever existed on the face of the earth (well, I am a little biased I suppose, but she is VERY cute!!).  I would love to post her picture here but don't want to do that without asking her parents first.

At any rate...I decided to make a cross-stitch version of them.  Here is my initial sketch (which I marked up a bit more after this photo to indicate thread color and such). is the final version - kind of hard to see in this photo but the cat has green eyes.  The finished design is approx. 4" x 4" is the final version in its frame.  (Sorry, the fabric isn't all dirty - it is just a reflection in the glass)

Now....this isn't really a W.I.P. but rather just something fun I did today at lunch - I colored in my daily calendar.  I saw in a Facebook coloring group that someone else had colored this and posted it but (not to brag on myself - haha) my version is WAY better than hers was - haha!!  (You don't need to pat me on the back, I'm doing a good job of doing that myself).  I'm sorry, but it is the truth.  She just colored hers all gray with red hearts - how boring.  Mine has some colorful life in it.  Now, I know there is no "right" or "wrong" way to color and it isn't a competition, but if you could compare the two, I'm sure you would agree that mine is  much prettier.  ;-) I'm back to my next W.I.P.  - I started it almost a year ago and then totally set it aside because the person it was intended for, wasn't getting pregnant (but she told me she had kind of postponed trying at one point).  I'm not sure if she has started trying again or not but I'm going to finish this baby blanket, just in case.  Once finished, I will hang on to it, in case she does get pregnant, but if not, I will eventually give it to someone else or donate it to a NICU.

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