Monday, December 29, 2008

Yarn Ball Wreath

I decided I needed a new wreath for my door. I love knitting, I love yarn, so what better decoration than a yarn ball wreath ?

I made this using styrofoam balls and some scrap yarn I had. I found an extra set of bamboo knitting needles and ta-da! My yarn ball wreath was born!

Wrap scrap yarn around styrofoam balls - glue the end when done with the ball (I used a hot glue gun)
Arrange balls in a wreath shape (just lay on the table or floor)
Insert a toothpick between the balls to help hold them together
Glue the sides of the balls together
Insert knitting needles, hang and enjoy.
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  1. I am glad you posted this. I think it is adorable. You should sell these. You are so creative.

  2. Definitely a cute idea! Love it.

  3. OMG this is so CUTE! I wonder if non-knitting people could use this idea?

    Can I add the photo to my blog if I link it back to you??? SO cute!

    PS thanks for the comments on my blog!

  4. scrappinshawnni:

    Thanks for the comments - I am flattered that you want to use the phot on your blog and link it back to me - feel free to do so :-)

  5. Cute wreath! I just emailed it to my knitting friend.