Monday, February 1, 2010

Fingerless Gloves - 1st Completed Project 2010

I have a lot of craft projects I want to complete this year (and a lot of new ones I want to start and complete).

So... I started making these gloves for my sister last year and made one. Then realized the nature of the yarn would make the gloves 2 different colors. Although they would match in a way, they wouldn't match in a way. I needed her opionion before I made the 2nd one. She said it would be fine to continue with the same hank of Noro Silk Garden Lite (Colorway 2410), which was a good thing since this particular color had been discontinued.

I love the beautful colors of Noro Yarn, which is a Japanese yarn, and have wanted to make something with it for a long time. I found this particular hank at the NeedleNook and was told it was the last one they had but knew it would be enough for the gloves I wanted to make so I got it (not thinking about the gloves would be different colors). Many stores stopped (or are stopping) carrying the Noro Silk Garden Lite because it is so similar to the regular Noro Silk Garden.

But I digress...So I found this pattern designed by Nancy Ricci and knew that they would be perfect. Number 1 - didnt' require double pointed needles and Number 2 - would let me do a small project with cables (something I had been wanting to try).

This pattern was amazing well written, very easy to follow and worked up rather quickly (even though I'm a very slow knitter). I loved making cables - not near as difficult as I thought they would be.

Here is my work in progress (see how pretty the yarn is?):

Here are the completed gloves - the best news - sis loved them and wears them a lot ! I want to make myself a pair now but... must ... FIRST!

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  1. Excellent! They came out so beautifully!!!

    You did a wonderful job :)

  2. I LOVE THEM!!!! I call them my bella gloves. They are comfortable, colorful and unique. Best of all they were made with love.