Friday, September 16, 2011

Crochet Vest with Shawl Collar

I got this pattern from Bernat today.  I just love it and want to make it.  I've never crocheted an article of clothing for me (although have made them for others).  It is made using Bernat Satin, which I love, it is so soft and well...satiny.

While I like the color on the model, I'd be more likely to make it in purple or an off white maybe.  I tried and tried to find the pattern on Bernat's website so I could pin it to my Pinterst acount, but sadly I couldn't find it on their website.

So, I thought I would just post the photo and a link to the .pdf (that I receive in my e-mail) here (even though I WILL not start a new project until my afghan is finished)

The pattern can be found HERE 
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  1. I love it also! It's quite lovely!

  2. I was looking for crocheted shawl collar directions and found your post.