Thursday, August 1, 2013

July 2013 Movies

Here are the movies (new to me) that I saw in July 2013
  • Pitch Perfect - except for two gross projectile vomiting scenes (totally unnecessary and not sure why they thought that needed to be in this movie), the movie was pretty cute - if you like Glee, you'll like this movie.  It is about college A Capella groups and there are some pretty good singers in this movie.
  • The Lucky One - Zac Ephron (who I think is under-rated) - pretty good movie but a little long and drawn out though.
  • The Watch - Ben Stiller/Vince Vaughn/Jonah Hill.  About a group of guys that start a neighborhood watch only to find out the criminals are aliens so they end up having to find a way to prevent an alien invasion of Earth.  Not as dumb as it sounds.  It moved along pretty well but filled with lots of un-needed profanities (I presume so it could get a rating of "R").  I think young teens would like this movie, and it would be an enjoyable watch for them sans the gratuitous foul language (then again, I usually expect that with any Vince Vaughn movie
  • Despicable Me 2 - I loved the first one so couldn't wait to see this one.  It delivered ! Very cute! Here is hoping for Despicable Me 3.
  • Identity Thief - Oh my gosh - I laughed so much during this movie.  I thought Melissa McCarthy was ok in Bridesmaid, but didn't think it was "Oscar" worthy but I totally see it in this movie - she is such a natural.  She was so funny in this movie!  One thing that bugged me (a little) was near the beginning, Jason Bateman's characte as Melissa's character what her name is and she says "Julia" but the rest of the movie, he calls her "Diana" but (unless I missed it), there is no explanation why he started calling her Diana instead of Julia.  If you have seen this movie and know the reason for this, please comment and let me know 
  • Red Eye - I have wanted to see this move for at least 5 years now but it just has not worked out.  It has been on my Netflix queue for a while (not 5 years though).  I just seem like newer movies and TV series kept getting moved ahead of it.  I am a big fan of Rachael McAdams and will watch pretty much anything she is in.  This was really good.  If you like psychological thrillers, you will like this movie.
  • Monsters University - Cute - my second animated movie this month.  I liked the story line and enjoyed it just as much as the first movie, Monsters, Inc.  I missed the character of "Boo" though.  Added bonus, Nathan Fillon (star of Castle),  was the voice of one of the major characters, the "lead" bad guy.    
  • The Conjuring - creepy and scary.  Based on a true story.  If you like scary but not gory, you will really like this.  characters, the "lead" bad guy.   
  • Georgy Girl - This movie is often considered a classic. It was nominated for 4 Oscars, 4 BAFTAs and 5 Golden Globes I have always wanted to see it and luckily happened to catch it just as it was coming on TCM.  It starred a 22 year old newcomer named Lynn Redgrave (who won the Best Actress Golden Globe).  While it may have been a successful movie (with a catchy title song), I found it to be a little upsetting and quite sad.
  •  ELVIS MOVIES - I like Elvis Presley movies and have seen bits and pieces of about every single one but I've only actually seen the entire movie from start to finish for a few select.  (Follow That Dream is my favorite and I've probably seen it at least 10 times) - so....I'm am making it a mission to see Elvis movies in their entirety. Here are the ones I saw this month:
    • King Creole - 1958 - Elvis plays Danny Fisher, a 19 year who just failed graduating high school for the 2nd time.  His father has been depressed and out of work since their mother died 3 year before.  They need money, he takes a job at a nighclub as a singer (surprise, surprise) but he also gets mixed in with a rough crowd, who try to get him into a life of crime.  During the entire movie, I kept trying to figure out who the woman was playing one of the female leads.  I knew she looked sooooo familiar - I wanted to figure it out myself but never could so today I gave in and looked her up - the role was played by Carolyn Jones, better known as Morticia Addams. I liked Elvis in this movie, you could tell he was channeling his inner James Dean.  I think Elvis always wanted to be taken as a serious actor and now-a-days, actors and singers can cross over but back then, they forced him to sing in all his movies - while I love his singing, I hate that the didn't get a real chance at being the actor he wanted to be.
    • Fun in Acapulco - 1963 - Elvis plays Mike Windgreen, a young man who works as a singer (again, what a surprise) at a hotel in Acapulco, Mexico.  He also works as a lifeguard but we find out he is afraid of the high dive because in his previous life, he worked with his family in the circus as a trapeeze artist but dropped his brother, who fell to this death.  His rival is a lifeguard and champion diver who doesn't like Mike because he is taking away some of his hours (and girls).  In the end, they have a fight and Mike injures his rival, so Mike ends up having to decide if he can make the dive off the Acapulco cliffs, to complete the show that his rival was suppose to do.  Can he do it?  Of course he can - he is Elvis Presley - he can do anything !  While I love his voice in every song, the story was just so-so and all the songs sounded similar.
    • Roustabout - 1964 - Elvis plays Charlie Rogers, a tough guy who gets fired from his job for fighting and ends up riding his motorcycle down the long roads to look for work.  He gets into a tangle on the road and is forced off the road.  His motorcycle busted, the driver, his wife and daughter (Charlie's age) drive him back to their carnival, while they pay to get his bike repaired.  Since it is a Japanese model, it will take a week for the parts to come in so in the meantime, he earns money as a "roustabout" and a singer (surprise again!) at the Carnie.  In the meantime, he falls in love with the carnival owner's daughter.  Her dad is not pleased by this and Charlie gets a better offer from another carnival owner in another town.  He signs an 11 week deal but after 3 weeks, hears that the first carnival is having financial problems and is going to close - does he have enough money to save their carnival and in the process win the girl back? is Elvis, what do you think ? 
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  1. I have seen quite a few of these recently too!
    Ooooo, Elvis movies. They are so fun.

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