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September 2013 Movies

Wow!  I cannot believe September is over !!  Where did the year go?

Here are the (new to me) movies that I saw in September.

Anchorman - (2004) I know that probably half of the free world have seen this movie but I never did - I am not a huge Will Farrell fan (he is okay) - anyway - this wasn't as hilarious to me as many people say but it was pretty funny in a few places.  I'll probably see Anchorman 2, especially since part of it was filmed right around the corner from my office.

Chocolat - another older movie (2000) that I have never gotten around to watching.  Very cute!  Juliette Binoche was so charming and Victoire Thivisol (who played her daughter) was such a delight.  I love movies like this.

Wedding Planner - another older movie (2001) that I could have SWORN I had watched before but I never had !!  Romantic comedy starring Matthey McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez - what's not to like?  Predictable but cute !  I especially liked that there were not any "meanies" (you know like usually there is a bride who is really a pain in the butt or a boyfriend who is a jerk) and that in the end - everyone was satisfied and pretty happy.

Year of the Comet - yet another older movie from 1992 that I recently been hearing a lot about.  Pretty good little movie!  Penelope Ann Miller (who I really like) discovers an extremely rare bottle of wine (bottled during the appearance of the Great Comet in 1811 and has a connection to Napoleon).  She is to bring it back with her to be sold at auction.  Tim Daly  is her travel guide/bodyguard for the trip.  Soon, they are being pursued by bad guys who seem to want the valuable bottle of wine (said to be worth over $ 1 million dollars).  But.....we eventually discover that it may not really be the wine they want after all - hmmmmm.  It is a chase movie with a bit of romance thrown in.

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