Thursday, May 1, 2014

April 14 Movies

These are movies that were new (to me) that I saw in April 2014

The Heat - with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy - I heard this movie had a lot of horrible language so I avoided it for a long time, even though I really like both the leads.  I finally watched it - the language was pretty bad...but the movie was pretty good, none-the-less.

Heaven is for Real - I was so excited when I heard they were turning this book into a movie - they really did a great job adapting this true story to the big screen - I truly believe this child went to Heaven.  Great book and great movie.

700 Sundays - not a movie, per se, but it was a one-man Broadway show that aired on HBO (which was also a book), starring and all about Billy Crystal - it was so good!  He has such an interesting family - I never knew a lot of that about his family - now I know why he loves Jazz and the Yankees so much.  A must see, especially if you are a fan of his.

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