Wednesday, March 15, 2017

W.I.P. Wednesday

Good sister-in-law loved her slouchy hat that I mentioned last week and liked receiving a surprise in her mailbox.  I am so glad.  I wasn't sure of the color but she loved it - yea!!

Also, last week, I mentioned that I crocheted a ski hat for Bev's Country Cottage.  As a result of that, I had a LOT of leftover baby yarn.  I wanted to do something productive with it and started thinking about my friend's daughter that is expecting a baby in August.

I really hadn't planned on making her a baby afghan because (a) the mom-to-be and I are not all that close and (b) the mom-to-be is 17 years old and I didn't think she would appreciate it - it seems that the most millennials just don't appreciate or want "home-made" gifts.  If it isn't something you can't purchase with an app or they didn't see on Facebook or Pinterest, they are not interested.  (I speak in general terms).

Plus...after the bad experience I had in giving a time consuming, and what I thought, a beautiful afghan to my 2nd cousin (another millennial), I just didn't want to waste my time making a lovely baby afghan for someone who would just toss it aside like wet newspapers.  (Can you tell that I am still a bit miffed about that and I still haven't gotten a thank you card and the baby is now 4 months old?), but I digress.

So, at any rate, even though I do not know if it will be appreciated, I had all this left over yarn so decided to use it to make my friend's daughter a basic granny square afghan.  I really like how the colors are coming out so far.

I do hope that it will be appreciated and loved but I can't control what other people do.  I found out yesterday that her aunt is also making her a granny square baby afghan but it is different - she is making one large granny square in a baby blue color (similar to the one below), so they will be a bit different. 

The good thing about granny squares is they work up fast.  The other good thing about the one I am doing is I am joining as I go, so no sewing them together at the end.  The only drawback is all the colors, while pretty, it slows me down each time I have to stop and change the color, which is a lot!!

I'll be out of commission next week - having a small surgical procedure to remove my one of my parathyroid glads so not sure if I will be up to finishing this next week but hopefully so...we shall see.

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