Saturday, April 26, 2008

Knitting & Crochet A.D.D.

Seriously, what is wrong with me? I think I do have Knitting & Crochet A.D.D. I swore to myself, promised myself that I would NOT start another project until the 4 I already had going were done.

What did I do though? Yes, I started yet another project. I couldn't resist. But I feel like I have a good reason for this one - really, I do!

My friend Alison is expecting her first baby. It is something we have been praying for and God is answering those prayers. She is having a girl. I have no idea what they plan on naming her, but I keep hearing the name "Elizabeth" in my head. I guess I just want her to name the baby that.

So...I decided to knit my very first baby afghan. I have crocheted many baby afghans - so many I have lost count but have never knitted one. I really wanted to make a pink one but figured she would get lots of pink things so I decided to go with my next choice - yellow. I just love baby yellow. She is due in early August so I have to get started on it if I want to make her anything, right? Especially as slow as I knit. I could crochet her one and probably have it done in about 10-14 days but I just want to try a knitted one for a change.

The pattern seems pretty easy. It is called Pretty Fans and Feathers and is from Leisure Arts "Our Best Knit Baby Afghans".

Why oh why, do I start a new project before I finish one? It must be Knitting A.D.D. - there really is no other explanation.
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