Saturday, May 31, 2008

May is Over . . . Already?

Where did May go? It seemed to fly by. I realized I haven't even made a blog entry this month.

I got frustrated with the baby afghan I was knitting - the tension doesn't seem right (too loose in places). I may knit a few more rows just to see how it is coming along and if I don't like it, then I may ending up crocheting it after all.

Speaking of crochet, I'm starting to teach my friend Lynn how to crochet - we had our first lesson yesterday. I hope I can teach her - I know she can do it, no problem with that but I am NOT the best teacher in the world. I hope she doesn't get frustrated with me - I know once she gets going, she will love it!

I did finish 2 more Malabrigo squares and started another one with a cable, but I think I have done something terribly wrong - it just doesn't look like the picture. I wish I had someone to show me how to do it. I tried but can't get the video to play because my dial up at home is super S-L-O-W. I think I followed the instructions correctly, but it looks like a twisted mess on that row. I may end up frogging it. Oh well...
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