Friday, June 26, 2009

Sad Day - Loss of Michael & Farrah

Just a few days ago, legendary Ed McMahon passed away. He lived a good long life though and was 86. News of his passing was sad but not completely unexpected, given his age and known health problems.

Then about noon, a co-worker delivers the sad news that the beautiful Farrah Fawcett had finally lost her cancer battle. Again, very sad. Farrah had such a spark about her and she really fought this terrible disease as hard as she could. She deserves so much respect for that. What a brave battle and from what I hear, she didn't complain and fuss "why me" - she just fought as hard as she could, but sadly the cancer was stronger than she was.

Then somewhere between 5:30 - 6:00 (EST), my friend Lynn calls me up and asks "have you heard the news" - uh, no what news? Then she proceeds to tell me that Michael Jackson has died - TMZ confirmed it but no one else had. WHAT?!?! She said it was cardiac arrest. I can't believe it and don't put much faith in TMZ or other gossip type magazines/shows but seriously think they would be 100% sure about something like that before they release it but you never know. I go online and wait until I hear that CNN has confirmed it, then I know it is true. I am stunned. Literally stunned. Michael wasn't ill (as far as I knew), he was only 50 years old.

Michael's death overshadowed Farrah's. All that I saw on TV that night was about Michael. He was the King of Pop. I am sorry Farrah didn't get the media coverage she deserved. With her though, we all knew it was coming it was a matter of when. But with Michael, it was so out of the blue and such a shock! We still don't know all the details yet but it is so odd that his doctor, who had given him a shot of demoral, before 9-1-1 was called is now missing. He even left his car at MJ's home. No one has apparently seen him since Michael died. How bizarre.

I had a hair cut like Farrah's (though of course it never looked as great as her's) and I listened to Michael and the Jackson 5 my whole life. Ever since I knew what music was, I knew who Michael was. I grew up listening to the Jacksons (and the Osmonds of course).

The Osmonds and the Jacksons had quite a bit in common. Their mother's have the same birthday, each family has 9 children, Michael is the 7th child, Donny is the 7th child. Many of the Osmonds had such nice things to say about Michael's passing.

From Alan:
I was shocked to hear that Michael Jackson passed away so quickly! We will miss him. My condolences go out to Michael and to his family!
. . .
Our prayers are with them. We will see him again, someday!
Read the entire entry on Alan's Blog
From Merrill:
My thoughts and prayers are with Michael's family, friends and inparticular his three young children who were his world.

My heart also goes out to my dear friend, Jermaine Jackson, as he bravely broke the sad news of the sudden passing of his brother Michael. I can't begin to imagine what he must have been going through. Michael was a gentle spirit and an amazing talent who will be sorely missed worldwide.

From Jay:
As is the rest of the world, I am greatly saddened by the passing of Michael Jackson. My prayers are with the Jackson family during this most difficult time.
. . .
Michael was a tremendous talent. He will be missed, but leaves an unforgettable legacy of music for the world to enjoy forever.

Read the entire entry on Jay's Blog

From Donny:
Message 1:I can't begin to express how sad I feel today. Not one but two friends, Michael and Farrah left us. My prayers go out to their families.

Message 2: It's still very difficult for me to accept that my friend MJ has passed away. I will really miss him.

From Marie:
My heart aches for Michael's children and family, Farrah's loved ones, and my prayers are for all of us today.

From Jimmy:
I had the privilege of knowing Michael and working with him on some of his tours. He was a good friend, an amazing talent and will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and especially his kids at this sad time.

It is still sinking in that 3 legends are gone but as Alan said in a TV interview, I am sure there is some great entertainment upstairs.
One day I will be there to enjoy it all too. Thank you, Lord, for the lives of these people, the ways they entertained us and God, rest their souls and give their families comfort and peace during this difficult time.
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