Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Casper - The Friendly Ghost

I have this picture of Casper the Friendly Ghost on my bulletin board at work. Why? I can't explain it really but I just love Casper, he makes me happy. Maybe because he IS the friendly ghost. I mean, if you have to be a ghost, why not be a friendly one, right?

I'm not really sure why Casper is a ghost. I have always assumed and it seems that he is a little boy (I'm guessing around 10-12 years old). The 1995 live action movie indicated he died of pneumonia at age 12 and his last name was McFadden, but I'm not a big fan of the live action movie because you eventually see Casper in his "human form" as he once was. I like not knowing what he looked like when he was alive. I also don't want to know what he died from, that is just a bit morbid. I mean he IS a cartoon after all.

I don't think I would ever get a tattoo but if I did, it would probably be Casper (or the "One Fish" from Dr. Suess' book). He is just so a comforting little guy and I smile everytime I see him (which is why he is on my bulletin board).

The first Halloween costume I remember having was Casper and I was either in 5 or 6 at the time. I remember getting so excited when I was at the school carnival and saw another Casper and we shyly waved at each other as if we had some sort of Casper bond.

I never could understand why his uncles (The Ghostly trio) were so mean to him. I always hated that ! I mean he is their nephew for crying out loud and they are ALL dead, right? I guess they don't like Casper because they think ghost should be scary and not friendly.

I assume his parents are too dead too - where are they anyway? Are his parents not ghosts? Poor Casper with no parents around to protect him from his mean uncles. At least he had his little witchy girlfriend, Wendy, to be his pal.

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