Saturday, October 3, 2009

Warming Families

I've slowly but surely been working on some hats for Warming Families. It is a charity that is very near and dear to Alan Osmond's heart and helps provide warm homemade knit and crochet hats to the homeless. I found out about it through Bev, the wonderful creator of Bev's Country Cottage, she provides so many wonderful patterns, mainly to be use for charity purposes. She is a talented designer, and has very big heart. Bev was my pattern go-to web site LONG before Ravelry came along.

This picture shows the first hat I just finished. The pattern can be obtained from Bernat.

I have very, very little time to knit and crochet these days so sadly probably won't get a lot done - I'd love to make about 20, many of the girls in the Ravelry Warming Families group have long surpassed that, but with my work demands, my home demands, my friend and family demands and my health demands, I will be lucky to finish 20, but that will be 20 people that will have some warmth that otherwise wouldn't have and that is pretty good.

As you can see, this one has somewhat girly colors and in my experience, at least in my city, the majority of the homeless are men, so the next one I am working on has a bit more masculine colors (at least I hope the finished one looks more masuline).

I will probably mostly be crocheting them (although would love to knit a few baby ones) but I crochet about 50 times faster than I knit, so I will probably stick to crochet.

If you'd like to participate/donate to this wonderful cause, please leave a comment and I'll get back with you.
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  1. I do not really crochet, but I think this is a wonderful cause. I am sure anything you are able to finish will be greatly appreciated. I hope you find others to join the cause.

  2. Knitted or loom knitted hats, or even sewed ones will work too!