Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brittnay - Glee

I am so glad that Glee is back - I missed it !! You know it is so hard to pick a favorite character - I can't do that because I like them all in their own different ways. But I must say that Brittnay cracks me up every single time she opens her mouth! She is played by Heather Morris.

Brittnay is one of that characters that kind of lingers in the background for the most part. She doesn't say a lot but when she does - oh my gosh, you about bust a gut from laughing so hard. She mostly just has a bunch of one-liners.

I think her delivery of the lines is perfect but also I think her bit of sweetness and naivity adds to it. Brittnay is both a Cheerio and Gleek.

One episode had them all in wheelchairs for the week, when Brittnay was asked where her's was, she simple replied "I lost it" (who loses a wheelchair?)

When asked to raise their right hands and repeat an oath, she raised her left hand

Mr Schue: Can anyone tell me what a ballad is?
Brittnay: A male duck

Later, when drawing ballad song titles out of a box - Brittnay says "I bet the duck is in the box"

During a discussion, Brittnay asks "Do you know that Dolphins are gay sharks?"

Mr. Schue was having a discussion that the boys weren't treating the girls well and said something along the lines of how they were misogynistic.
Brittnay says "when I pulled my hamstring I saw a misoginist"
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