Friday, April 23, 2010

Savannah Retreat - Day 1

I had off for Confederate Memorial Day and so did a friend of mine. Her dad lives on Wilmington Island (near Savannah) so we decided to pay him a visit. She never gets to go to Savannah as a true tourist - because when she goes, it is mostly a short trip to see her dad.

Since I've been several times, I pretty much just let her do whatever she wanted. We had a nice time.
We didn't do a lot - we got a late start because Ga Power decided to come block my driveway for a few hours and install a new pole - so we didn't leave until almost noon. We packed a cooler full of ice, filled it with bottled water and diet cokes and headed out. We ate lunch at Zaxby's in Dublin and had dinner at the Lady and Son's with her dad. Her dad knows Paula Deen's husband. He made a phone call and we walked right in and were seated right away for dinner (normally there is a 2 or 3 hour wait). Here is my dinner...fried chicken, low-country boil (shrimp), collards, lima beans, black-eyed peas, mac-n-cheese, swiss steak and a biscuit. I just got a little bit of everything so I could decide what my fave was. I went back for a little more shrimp, lima beans, collards, and got some mashed potatoes instead of mac-n-cheese the next time around. We all decided that the shrimp was the best !!

After dinner, her dad drove us around Savannah a bit and drove us down River Street. It was getting late by then (almost 11 pm) and we knew he was tired (and so were we) so he took us back to our hotel for the evening.
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