Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pink Adhesive Products

I don't really know why, but scrap bookers (me included) seem to love our products to be pink. Many of them (but not me included this time) will even buy the same product they already have if it is available in pink. For example, I remember reading when the pink expression came out, some scrap bookers had to get one (even though they already had a plain regular expression). Honestly I do not get that mentality. If you have one that already works just fine, why get another one just because of the color (or the exclusive cartridge the pink one comes with). But then again, I am still using the same little original "baby bug" that I got 5 years ago. I haven't even upgraded to the Create or Expression. Also, I don't have the Gypsy, Design Studio (DS), Sure-Cuts-A-Lot(SCAL) or Makes-The-Cut (MTC) either.

While I would not trade in my original cricut for the expression while my original machine is still working, I can at least understand why someone would buy an Expression when they already have the smaller bug. The Expression has quit a few more features and cuts larger images. While my machine fits my needs just fine, I can see the appeal of the Expression and why someone would upgrade.

I don't understand though why someone would buy a pink Expression, when they already have a regular Expression though.

Another case in point is that recently, Adhesive Tape Guns (ATG) now has a pink version (which interestingly enough has a new name - Adhesive Tape Glider.

I have read that several already have a yellow ATG and/or a red ATG but are searching high and low now to get the pink one. Apparently there is a difference between the yellow and red (the width and length of the tape) but the red and pink both use the same size tape and are identical in every way except the color.Now...I also love pink products (as I admitted earlier), which is what led me a few years ago to purchase the Glue Glider Pro (GGP). I bought it before I ever heard of the ATG. Now after reading lots of reviews, I can understand why the ATG is desired of the GGP. However, I LOVE my GGP - love it!! If it ever breaks, I would replace it with another GGP.

One thing that I am finding kind of humorous is that it seems everyone wants the pink ATG and are looking everywhere for them. But the GGP has always been pink (probably one reason I was initially drawn to it besides being drawn to the red ATG that was available at the time I purchased my GGP)
Here are some comparisons:

Glue Glider Pro (GGP)

  • Color: Pink (has always been as far as I know)
  • Approx Cost: $13 (Amazon)
  • Approx. Refill Cost: $8 (0.12/ft)
  • Size of Tape: 1/4" x 65'
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6 3/4" x 5 5/8" x 1 1/8
  • Other: No trigger; easy load (just pop in the cartridge and go), easy storage (flip cartridge around to protect tape from being exposed)
Adhesive Tape Glider (aka: Adhesive Tape Gun 714) (ATG)

  • Color: Red (and now also Pink)
  • Cost:$55 (Amazon (although did see the pink one at Michael's for $35)
  • Refill Cost:$8 (.07/ft)
  • Size of Tape: 1/4" x 108'
  • Weight: 13 1/2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 9 1/2" x 9" x 1 3/4"
  • Other: Trigger must be pressed to activate; learning curve to load tape; tape is exposed
As you can see the ATG refills are longer and cheaper than the GGP but the GGP is half the weight and smaller. It is super easy to change the tape out with the GGP, just pop out a cartridge, pop in a new one (not as environmentally friendly as ATG though). Plus if you want re-positional tape on one project, perm. tape on another, again just switch out the cartridges (with one ATG, you would have to unload then reload, not quit as easy if you only have one)

Another reason I was initially drawn to the GGP was I could get it at Hobby Lobby and use coupons for the GGP (which I did) and for the refills (which I do) and until just recently when the pink ATG was introduced, you could not get them at a local craft store and could not use coupons (but now they are available at Michael's - if you can find them in stock) so at least you can use the coupons.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, for me (and Ellen Hutson), the GGP is best. For others they swear by the ATG. I think it is great there are so many wonderful (and pink) products that suit all of our needs.
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