Saturday, August 7, 2010

Donny & Marie - The Umbrella Song

I always loved this song - love, love, love it. My wonderful mother - God Bless her! I played this album over and over and over - I'm a sure she got sick to death of it and I would play this song, pick up the needle, replay it no telling how many times and she just let me do it and didn't say a word. She know how much I loved (and still love) the Osmonds.

Look how BEAUTIFUL Marie is in this clip from the Donny & Marie show - really beautiful! Poor Donny, forced to wear that bow tie almost as big as his head. I think my Donny doll has that same outfit.

I always loved when he walked out of that big "D" - It was just a reminder that his first name and mine started with the same initial. That way so when we got married, our initials would be the same - D.O. Well, the marriage didn't happen but I still love him anyway and still love this song.

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