Saturday, April 9, 2011


Pinterest? What is Pinterest, you say? Pinterest is, in its simplest definition, a place to catalog the things you like/love.

Basically, it is kind of like bookmarking the websites you like but in a visual way.

You create your own "boards" - for instance, a board for recipes you want to try, a board for free knitting patterns you like (or perhaps want to make one day), a board for your favorite childhood toys, etc.

For instance, say you want to make this delicious these Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars to take to a family reunion 3 months from now. Instead of bookmarking the recipe only to try to find it later among all your other bookmarks, you can "pin" it. Instead of printing it and wasting ink and paper only to try to remember where you put it after you printed it, you can "pin it".

When you pin it, the picture shows up on the board you selected, like this:

Then when you want to make it, you just click on the are taken directly to the website so you can see the recipe and make this delicious dessert. Very easy and since it is so visual - it is easy to see everything you like at a glance.  You can also see what your
friends are "pinning" - the web pages they like - you can get some good ideas from other's good ideas

Try it now... Here is a PIN of this recipe (click here) - then when you see the pin, click on the picture, see how it takes you directly to the website and the recipe?  Pretty cool, huh? And...much easier to locate than searching through a bunch of bookmarks trying to remember what the name of that recipe was.

Right now the site is still in beta mode so you can request to be added (then you have to wait a bit for them to add you) or you can have a friend invite you and be added right away.  If you would like an invite, leave a comment (with your e-mail address) and I will send you one.

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  1. I would love an invite to Pinecrest if you are still offering. I am a 2 peas lurker and was checking out your blog from one of the links.

    Sara T.

  2. Thank you for explaining this for me.
    I didn't know the photo takes you to the link, how cool is that.
    Checked out yours from 2 peas. Love your home file, so neat. We seem to have the same fun tastes :)

  3. Thanks! After reading the information on the Pinterest site, I didn't know if one could receive an invitation from Pinterest, itself or a friend already using the site. I appreciate your willingness to invite -- & the recipe!

  4. Am I correct in my understanding? If a site, like a blog, doesn't have any pictures - I'm thinking politics or education - there is no way to "Pin" it? ZThat seems like a week link in the system to me.

  5. @brianlbaker - Brian, sadly, that is true, it needs to have a picture on the site in order to pin it but... I have found ways around that.

    For instance, if you want to pin a site that is for let's say the 2012 Primary Debate Schedule, located here:

    But when you try to pin it, it says, no image cannot pin.

    You can google a related images - for example, one found here:

    Pin that image and then after pinning, you have an option to SEE YOUR PIN, select that then, click edit then copy and paste the link of the website (posted above) in the LINK section.

    Then when you click on the image, it will take you to the website you want to view, not the one where the photo is.

    I hope that makes sense, if not, let me know and I'll try to clarify.