Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I've Been Pinned !!

I know this may seem so silly to some but to me I feel like a mini-celebrity (haha!).  But once of my posts has been pinned on Pinterest !  It is the post for my Chili Dog Casserole.

I only discovered it when I was looking at Pinterest the other day and thought - hey, that looks like the photo on my blog and sure enough - it was !! Then I realized on the Live Traffic Feed that I have been getting a lot of hits for that post.  I'm glad - that recipe is really good and super simple and quick - kids like it too (but usually have to make it without the beans for the kids).  I think it would be good with a bit of jalepenos added for the adults more into the spicer stuff.

I wish there was a way to tell how many times it was pinned/re-pinned but I don't know how.  I've noticed I've gotten a few hits lately too for my Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cupcakes, but that could be because it is close to Thanksgiving and people are probably googling "pumpkin" recipes.  However, I did find one pinner, who had it on her cake board and she also had pinned my thin layer cake !  How cool !

I've been out of commission this month - my dad has been in the hospital and it was pretty serious so I've been out of town for about 3 weeks.  But, thanks be to God, he is doing much better !
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