Wednesday, November 22, 2017

W.I.P. Wednesday

I haven't posted any work in progress (WIP) items lately because I just haven't had much time for crafting lately. 

Last week, however, I was out of town for the entire week helping my mom after she had surgery so I had some idle time on my hands and took along a project that I started back in August and then set aside as I got kind of busy.  It was fun picking this up again.

I am making this afghan with Caron Cakes in Rainbow Sprinkles.  The cakes of yarn are 383 yards and 7.1 oz.  After one complete cake, the afghan is 32" x 32", which is about the size of a baby blanket (so if you want to use Caron Cakes for an average baby blanket, one cake should be enough using this pattern - good to know)

Here is the progress so far.  I expect to work on it more this week since it is a holiday weekend.

I like how the yarn flows - it makes it look like I have changed colors on certain row, but I never did - this is just one continuous yarn cake.

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