Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello Kitty (Cricut) Card

One of my friend's cat passed away rather unexpectectly (she became ill on Sunday, went to vet Monday and by Wednesday, she was in heaven). When Thatcher passed away, the cards I received meant a lot to me - to know that people acknowledged the beautiful life that was here but had left me (for the time being).

I was thinking about a card I wanted to make for my friend and found an appropriate image on my Hello Kitty Cricut cartridge (kitty face with tears) but then saw this image with a heart and thought that would be better. To show the love she had for her kitty.

I cut a white shadow, black sillouette (which included the eyes), light pink heart and dark pink bow (which also cut the nose). I put everything on a blue background, which is darker in this picture then in real life. I almost went with a baby blue but decided to use the bright blue since it was a bit more cheerful. All images were cut at 4-inches.
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