Monday, July 20, 2009

Cedric Diggory vs. Edward Cullen

I was noticing that my blog gets several hits a day and most of them seem looking at my book review of Twilight. This got me to thinking... in a battle between Cedric Diggory and Edward Cullen, who would win?

Part of me thinks Edward, after all, he is a vampire and could certainly suck the life out of Cedric (literally) but... then again, Cedric is an excellent wizard. He could use his wand and do all kinds of things to Edward. I don't know if the Avada Kedavra curse works on vampires. It seems like it would. But then again, it is an unforgivable curse and Cedric is too good of a guy to use that (unless he absolutely HAD to).

Edward is the most romantic of the two, I believe but Cedric is so courageous. After all, he did get picked to be in the tri-wizard championship and that is just not something that happens everyday.

If I to choose which one to be with, I would probably pick Cedric. First, I like his looks a bit better (more clean cut and tanned - although I do like the sparkle effect that Edward can do). Also, he has some really cool friends (all of those in the Gryffindor house). Plus, if the dishes needed washing, laundry needed to be done or the house needed cleaning - one swoop of his wand and all would be done. I wouldn't be afraid of accidentally cutting myself while shaving my legs (of course with Edward, that would be a bit risky).

Yes, I think I would choose Cedric.
Leave a comment and let me know who you would choose and why.
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  1. I am a big Harry Potter Fan and can't wait to see the new movie.. Of course by the time I get around to seeing it it will be out on DVD

  2. Not as familiar with Cedric from the movie, but I can say from a book perspective that Cedric would win the battle but Edward would win my heart.