Monday, July 27, 2009

Pirates of the Caribbean - Vintage Footage

Anyone who knows me well, knows I have a love for all things Disney - especially their theme parks. I have not been lucky enough (yet) to go to Disneyland but thanks to You Tube, I can get a glimpse into the park. I especially enjoying seeing early footage of the park, the way that Walt designed it and envisioned it.

Here, we see a video from 1967 of the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride. From what I can tell, this was probably broadcasted on the Wonderful World of Disney (I loved Sunday nights when I was a kid and looked forward to the Wonderful World of Disney every week - I miss that show)
I love this video for several reasons:
1) It shows the ride as it was originally designed ~ pirates chasing women and all and no Jack Sparrow - I love Jack don't get me wrong and he seems to fit in the ride now, but I'm sentimental at heart and love to see things as they were originally intended.

2) POTC is in the top 2 of my fave rides (along with Haunted Mansion)

3) It has clear audio. (If you've ridden the POTC, you can't always hear clearly what is being said because other pirates are talking ahead of you and behind you for other guest so you have lots of things going on at once).

4) I see my favorite pirate (the one on the bridge near the end). I was totally facinated by this pirate the first time I saw him because of the detail on him, it amazed me that the bottom of his feet were dirty (even though you can't see that in this film). Even my 13 year old self was impressed by the details that were put into these pirates!

5) Love the dog in a couple of scenes - especially the jail scene and was thrilled, thrilled I tell you, when they included that scene in the POTC movie.

6) It just makes me happy to watch it.

Enjoy and drink up, me 'earties - yo ho!

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