Thursday, November 19, 2009

Glee and Donny

Well... I haven't been posting my weekly Glee moments because I can't find the videos I want to post - they are not on You Tube and I suppose it is because of copyrights and such.

Last week I wanted to post the sing off between Kurt and Rachael but all I could find where some videos fans posted that only had their pictures or the Glee logo with the song in the background - I wanted the actual video.

This week I wanted to post either "You're Having My Baby" (1st choice) or "Lean On Me" but can't find either of those.

Oh well . . .
Have I said how much I love this show? It gets better and better. I thought for a moment Finn and Kurt would try to get their parents together but it didn't occur to them (maybe later). I love Finn's mom and Kurt's dad - they are so supportive of their kids, even if they don't necessarily approve of certain things about them - they still love them and let them know it.

~~~ Now - onto Donny !! Yeah Baby !! He is in the finals. I want him to WIN of course but I am just happy he made it to the finals. I knew he could, I thought he would and I'm so happy for him. I really hope he wins. Mya may be a better dancer than him but I do think he is better than Kelly. Go Donny Go !! Good luck next week !
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