Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Family Members - Felix & Oscar

After sweet Opie left us to go live in Heaven, my sister has thought she might want another cat, someday.

Since her birthday is Monday, she decided that was the gift she would give herself - a new cat to share the love she had to give.

So, we went to the vet this morning with the intentions of picking out a cat - one cat - singular. But when we got there, we were surprised at how many they had - around 20 maybe. There were lots of teeny tiny kittens and a group of 4 older black kittens. We took the black kittens out and played with them.

Well, we both got to thinking (although I was the one to suggest it), that it might be nice to have two cats so they could keep each other company during the day and they were used to being with 3 other kitties for the past several months. So... after much thinking, 2 black kittens were taken home.

For a while, one was being called Pepper (due to his white flecks on his back) but no name seemed to be right for the other one until we said "Felix" - well since these 2 kitties have such opposite personalities - it made sense to call the other one "Oscar" so Oscar and Felix it is.
They are soooo sweet, loving and adorable - Felix is the groomer and more quiet and proper and Oscar is all over the place and loves to play with anything he can find. Felix is about 6 months old and Oscar about 4 months. I'm so grateful to God for sending these 2 new furry babies to be a part of her life - they are 2 lucky kitties to have her for a mom.
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