Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Questions About Me

Got this from a couple of Facebook buddies - just decided to post here instead.

The Basics
Do you usually dress casual?: except when I have to work
Do you sing in the shower?: sometimes
Do you wrap your hair in a towel after the shower?: not usually
Do you brush your teeth before you shower?: yes
Do you use deodorant daily?: no, don't need to

My Favorites
feeling?: happy
oldies song?: anything by the Osmond Brothers
country song?: Amarillo by Morning
hair band song?: Pour Some Sugar on Me
90's song?: Smell's Like Teen Spirit (I just think of the 90s when I hear it)

This or That
Shy or a Flirt?: shy
Candles or Plug ins?: both
Basketball or Football?: football
Fix your own car or take it to the shop?: I'm a shop girl
White shirt or Black shirt?: black

Do You?
have someone on your mind you can't stop thinking about?: yes
watch any football game or just your favorite teams?: mostly the faves
tell people you love them often?: yes
ever just stay home and don't leave the house?: not very often
watch award shows on TV?: sometimes - not as must as I used to

Have You Ever
not paid your bill and had your water or electricity turned off?: no
taken a cold shower?: yes, but because hotel's hot water wasn't working
put makeup on someone while they were sleeping?: no
let your dog kiss you on the mouth?: yes
not realized it was your birthday?: no

What would you like to accomplish today?: finish reviewing staff's recons
What are you scared of?: falling from a high place
Do you kill spiders or just put them out the door?: depends on the size
Do you read your spouse's mail?: n/a
Are you good at saving money?: most of the time

Would you rather stop wearing makeup or a bra for a week?: depends - do I have
to leave the house - if so, I'd give up makeup first. If I am home all
week, I wouldn't be wearing a bra anyway
Do you give compliments often?: yes but probably not as often as I should

fight you and your partner got into?: the first one? I never had a fight with
someone I was dating - ever.
time you bought a pet?: never bought one - got them for free
time you had a beloved pet die?: yes - a few (still is painful)
time you had a child?: never

As of Now
What time is it?: 3:51 am
What sound do you hear right now?: Leif Garrett Biography on the TV
Are you alone or with someone else?: alone
Where are you?: my office
Are you in love?: no
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  1. Hey, this is a fun blog post! I linked my way here via 2Peas...I think I'm going to borrow this idea! TFS!! :)