Wednesday, January 20, 2010

B +

This year, I decided I would have a mantra...
my life will be like my blood type - BE POSITIVE (B +)

I don't want negativity in my life. I don't watch reality shows for this reason (although I am currently recording the Biggest Loser - I fast forward through any negative confrontations they have). So many "reality" shows have people fussing and arguing and yelling at each other. I don't want that in my life.

I decided whatever obstacles I am going to face this year (trying to lose weight, pressures at work, etc.) that I will work to maintain a positive attitude at all times.

It isn't easy, you know. You don't really realize how much negative energy is around you until you try to be positive all the time. I find I rarely watch the news now (just give me the weather and traffic report) - since 99% of the news is negative stories. Some of my Facebook friends (especially one in particular) seem to only post negative things such as "Jane is not feeling well", "Jane is tired", "Jane is disappointed that it is snowing today", "Jane had a bad day at work". Of course, the name has been changed to protect the negative person (none of my FB friends are named Jane) - So I decided to hide "Jane".

If there is something I deem as negative on TV or the radio, I change the channel. I don't keep myself in the dark with what is going on in the world but I limit my exposure to the hardships in the world. If someone says something that hurts me or disappoints me, in my mind I turn it around so that it doesn't effect me in a negative way.

I'm not normally a negative person but I haven't been known to be overly positive either, so I just decided to start 2010 with a positive attitude. It is something you have to work at but with all things, I believe that overtime, it will just be a habit !

Live life, Be happy, Be positive !
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