Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's Complicated - a/k/a: My Annual New Year's Meryl Streep Movie

Here I am seeing a Meryl Streep movie at the beginning of the year - just like I did last year - maybe this will become a new annual tradition for me. This movie is very different than last year's movie though. Last year so serious and this year so funny.

Oh my gosh - what a great movie - how could it not be with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin - all of whom I just love ! These actors can reveal so much with just a look. You can see the slight fear in Jane's (Meryl's) eyes when she undresses in front of her ex-hubby, Jake, who hasn't seen her naked in over 10 years. Then you see relief in her face when it is obviously he likes what he sees - also revealed with a look. Plus the look that Jake (Alec) has when he is walking out of Jane's house with her and all the kids eating at the table - the look that says - I could have had all this - I had it and I lost it.
Basically, this movie is about a couple, Jane & Jake who've been divorced for 10 years. He had an affair, then the woman he had an affair with briefly left him, had an affair, got pregant and they got back together so he has pretty much raised her little boy, who is now 5. He married the woman he had an affair with. This woman is now wanting another baby but he seems to have a bit of a problem with his swimmers.

Jane & Jake have a daughter planning a wedding and a son graduating from college, while the youngest one is moving out getting ready for college. Jane is living alone for the first time and has always wanted to remodel and get a kitchen of her dreams (she is a pastry chef by trade). She hires cute architect, Adam (Steve Martin). He is still having a bit of a hard time getting over his divorce that happened 2 years ago. But he is intested in Jane and she seems like him too.

Jane & Jake go to NYC when their son graduates. Jakes wife stays home because her son Pedro is sick. Jane goes down to the bar/restaurant after her kids leave to go to a party and guess who is there drinking - Jake of course, they continue to drink and dance a bit, one thing leads to another and of course they end up in bed together - they both had a great time and before you know it they are having an affair. During this scene, one of the best lines "Home-Sweet-Home" is uttered (you have to have the visual to get the humor)

It is obvious he is still in love with her and probably never stopped loving her. She loves him too but has learned to live a good life on her own. None of their three grown children know what is going on but their future son-in-law (Harley played by John Krasinski) does when he sees Jake check in to the hotel, go upstairs, Jane go upstairs, doctor come later and go upstairs, then back downstairs then doctor gives thumbs up.

There are many funny scenes, but one of my faves is when Jane and Adam get stoned, then later go into the bathroom to finish up and before you know it Jake and Harley are in there joining them - too funny !!

I won't reveal the ending - but I liked it - but I also would have liked it if it had gone another way too - but I think the ending it had was the way it should have. Go see it, especially if you are over 40, you won't regret it !
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  1. This movie looks so so good! My best friend and I plan on seeing it soon! :)