Sunday, March 14, 2010

Osmond Brothers !!!

Lynn and I got tickets many, many months ago to go see Merrill Osmond who was going to do a show back in November, but sadly for health reasons he had to cancel.

But...luckily he, Wayne and Jay all came to the Anderson Theater this yesterday and gave a wonderful show... They started with "Down By The Lazy River" and ended with an encore of "Are You Up There/I Believe"

Afterwards, they did a little meet and greet and we got to meet them and talk to them for a while and they signed a photo for us (my scanner isn't working so I can't post it yet). But you know how Lynn and I are - we stay until they make us leave just about it. So we hung around and took a few more pictures (which I will post later). Well before they left, I heard Merrill say "Are we going to do some group shots?" and heck, Lynn and I jumped at that !! So here we are.

I wish they could play here every night !

Here is the picture of us when they played here March 21 2008 (almost exactly 2 years ago) when Jimmy, Jay and Wayne were here (not very good quality since it was taken with my camera phone)

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  1. Where's Donny?!! (He was my favorite...heehee). Seriously - how cool is that? Great pics!