Saturday, March 6, 2010

Scrapbook Sketches

I have a ga-billion hobbies. I first learned crochet at the tender age of 9, I started drawing around that time too (although kind of stopped that around the age of 15). In the past I did needlepoint, crewel, embroidery, macrame (yes, macrame!), string art (remember those), hook rugs, punch needle, plastic canvas (never too fond of that look), paint (mostly by numbers). I still like to cross stitch, though haven't done that in a while, currently I crochet, knit and SCRAPBOOK!!

I don't have as much time (or more importantly enough space) to scrapbook as much as I'd like to. I have about 20 + sets of photos I want to scrap.

I am not a fancy scrapper, I fall into the group of scrappers called "simple scrappers" - I like my pages fairly clean and straight lined - not too many embellishments or fru-fru stuff. I like people who can do those kind of more intricate pages and think they are beautiful. I just don't have the time and plus they aren't really "me" - I've always been a plain-kind of girl - like things simple yet elegant (vanilla is my favorite flavor of ice cream so that gives you some insight to who I am)

Well...several years ago I found someone whose style was very close to mine - the very talented Becky Higgins. She then started having sketches of her layouts in Creating Keepsakes magazine and I loved using them. You don't really do the sketch exactly - you take the sketch as a base and build your own idea around them.

You can imagine how excited I was when she came out with her first sketchbook, then later another one. She also has a best (of course I have them all). I use these magazines/books quite often! I also have a binder of many of the sketches from Creating Keepsakes website (most of which are Becky's) and Simple Scrapbooks website (which is now gone - boo hoo - that was my favorite magazine)

Now that Becky H. has left CK and isn't releasing new sketches, I find most of my sketch resources on various Internet websites.

I have been wanting, for quite some time now, to compile the ones I like in one place so I have all the links in one place but I hope other scrapbookers might find this and find it useful also.

I tend to scrap mostly 2-page layouts and in 12 x 12 format so those are the sketches I seek out the most but I can adapt pretty much any layout to fit my needs.

Here are some great ones:

4 x 6 photo sketches (I almost always use 4x6 photos)

Alison Davis' Blog

Creative Scrappers

Google Images (not a website, per se, but lots of great sketches none-the-less)

Got Sketch? (notice on side bar - have 4x6 photo sketches)

Becky Higgins (75 sketches from her 1st book-posted on 2peas)

Jane Eubank's Sketches

Leisha's Page Plans

Page Maps

Pencil Lines (most are 1-page)

The Scrappiest (mostly 1-page; 1-photo)

Sketch Savvy (great Disney LOs & several 4 x 6 LOs)


Simple Schemes (use to be in Simple Scrapbooks-posted on 2peas)

Sketches by Suzy (mostly 2-pages)

Stamping101 WebShot

Stickers N' Fun

I am sure this list will continue to grow. If you know of any other great sketch sites - please leave a comment with the site listed. I always love checking them out.
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  1. I too like to scrapbook clean lines and what I call simple. I would love to do more fancy types but it takes me all day just to pick out my papers LOL.
    Thank you for putting in the time to post these.

  2. What a great idea to have all of these resources in one place! There are some on your list I wasn't aware of!

  3. I love sketches. I am always trying to find some to post on my message board. Thanks for some that I didn't have!

  4. thanks for the list! a few i like are:

  5. I'm always looking for new sketch sites, so will keep an eye on this post. Meanwhile, I'd love for you to add my own sketch blog, (also on Facebook as Sketches by Suzy)