Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-1-11 Happy New Year

Happy New Year !

I love the date - how cool is that? Today is also my brother's birthday - Happy Birthday!!

My mind has been racing the past few days about the upcoming year - all good thoughts and things I want to do and accomplish. I know you can start realizing your dreams at any time but for some reason it is like you get a fresh clean slate to start with on January 1st.

I always loved opening a new notebook or brand new sketch pad - this is the same concept - an empty notebook to fill with new stuff for the new year.

I'm not making resolutions per se, but more like setting goals for what I would like in my life for 2011. Here are some of them...

Spiritual Goal:

Spend time daily in the Word and in prayer. I do pray daily but not always the quite, deep prayer that I would like. Plus I have kind of gotten away from reading the Bible. For several years I've said I want to read the entire Bible but never make it past mid-February (just got busy and behind and then gave up). But this year I vow to complete reading the entire Bible. Even today, Pastor Scott challenged us to spend time each day reading the Bible - how timely is his message?!

To accomplish this, I decided I want to read it chronologically and I am going to follow this reading plan that I found on

Knitting/Crochet Goals:

I have a few projects that are considered a "WIP" - work in progress. I am not going to list them all right now but I am going to make a list of them and put them in order (may post about that later). I actually have a list already but it needs to be updated and re-ordered.

My goal is to not start any new projects until all current WIPs are completed. Also, I will not buy any new yarn until these projects are completed. I may not buy any new yarn even after they are completed. I have other WIMs (works in mind) and have some yarn already I can use for projects I want to make. I won't focus on them for now though - only the ones that are already started.

Scrapbooking Goals:

I'm really looking forward to scrap booking this year. I didn't do much last year and really won't be doing a lot this year but will be doing some and more concise type of scrap booking. Here is what I will be doing...
  • Project 365 - will continue to take a picture of the day. I've done this for the past 2 years and enjoy it. I ordered my scrapbook hero's (Becky Higgins) Project Life Kit to help me keep organize and complete my album for the year.
  • One Little Word - I'm taking a Big Picture Scrapbook class from Ali Edwards called "One Little Word" - you pick a word meaningful to you and that is your word for the year - I thought of this word weeks ago - way before I even knew about this class. I said my theme for the year was going to be "Happiness". This is the first year Ali has done a class on One Little Word and I almost didn't sign up for the class because I didn't know that I wanted to really scrap about Happiness. But then I decided I did !! I want to document the year and the Happiness I live in throughout. We got our first assignment today but I don't have my page protectors or album yet (it isn't a kit but just some items we need) - So as soon as my page protectors come, I will get my album going. At the end of the year, I will have my 2nd album completed - first Project 365 and second One Little Word
  • One more - more of a statement than a goal but goes hand and hand with the other 2 album goals. No new supplies. Other than an occasional (must-have) cricut cartridge or adhesive (which does run out), I vow not to buy any scrapbook supplies in 2011. I have plenty cardstock, pattern paper, embellishments, etc to last a whole year (and then some)
  • Those are really my only goals. I would like to make a scrapbook of San Antonio (if I go) and New York (if I go) but I don't want to over-set my goals. I do have some other things in mind (want to do a recipe scrapbook and scrap some older photos), but I know those 2 albums are attainable. If I get more scrapping in - great but I am focusing on only those 2.
Other Goals:
  • Save $X amount in my savings account. I know the amount I want to have in there - I will make a plan and divide that out in monthly amounts and save that much so that at the end of 2011 - my saving account balance is that amount.
  • Arrive early for work - I have been a little late here and there lately. My plan is to be at work by 7 am every day (work starts at 8 but I could use a jump start in the morning)
  • Lose X lbs - I have a number in mind and it is attainable - I plan on eating healthier and exercising.
  • Read at least 3 classic books this year - starting with Robinson Crusoe.
  • Go to San Antonio - I've been wanting to go for years - hope to go around the end of April - see the Alamo, Sea World, & Riverwalk just to name a few. I already sent away for a travel package from their tourism board and I purchased a Frommer's book about San Antonio and Austin.
  • Go to New York City and see Donny & Marie on Broadway. I am hoping that D & M will return to Broadway next Christmas, I am saving my money just in case. I would love to see them on Broadway and especially see NYC at Christmastime.
  • Be Happy - my word for the year, my focus for the year - live in Happiness. God is so good, I need to live in the joy He brings into my life - continue to be positive and see all the good in life. I bought the book "The Happiness Project" to guide me along this journey.
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  1. I love your goals. I have the same spiritual goal and use the One Year Bible. I write the year down each day as I read it and often little notes on significant days. It's pretty amazing to read it year after year and come across these notes. I also jot down things the Lord shows me as I read, highlight verses, etc. I wish you the best and that you reach all your goals this year! Blessings!

  2. I love your goals too. I don't want to call them resolutions either. Just a goal seems easier in my mind. I have many of the same goals as you. I want to knit more, scrapbook more and spend more time with God.