Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Awesome Things

As mentioned in my New Year's Day post, my One Little Word of the year and my theme for the year is Happiness !

I bought the book "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. While I haven't really started the book yet (just haven't taken the dedicated time I feel I need to sit down with it) , I have been following Ms. Rubin on Facebook and have really enjoyed reading her each day.

Today, she posted a link to a blog that I have actually read before but had forgotten about. . . 1000 Awesome as of today, there are 332 more Awesome things to come. There are lots of things on the list that I have said to myself are wonderful things.

Such as:
Sleeping in New Sheets (or even freshly washed ones)
Getting your choice of seat in the movie theater (I love getting right in the middle)
The first scoop of peanut butter of out jar (man I love that!)
Putting potato chips on a sandwich (I do this all the time! Love it on bologna especially)
Perfectly stapling through a thick stack of paper (doesn't happen a lot - but love when it does)

I am always noticing things like that. Just the other evening I put on my freshly washed PJs and thought about how awesome that was - love the smell and the softness.

Everytime I put ice in my glass, I'm so grateful to God for that. It is incredible to me all the uses He made for water and ice being my 2nd favorite thing about water (drinking it is my first) but how cool is it that He designed water so that when you freeze it, it turns hard and it cools your drinks (and is great for munching on too - but don't tell my dentist that - he gets on to me for it)
I just love ice - it is one of my favorite things !

When I go on a long driving trip (which I've done a lot of the past 2 months) - I go to QT before I leave (that in itself is awesome because they have big drinks, for a cheap price, yummy hot dogs and taquitos and they even have an ATM from MY bank). So I can stop, get gas, get a drink, get a snack and get my cash - all in one place before heading out for my long drive. I get the big 32 oz and pack it with crushed ice as much as I can (you can choose from crushed or cubed ice - also awesome). I then either fill it with Diet Dr. Pepper or buy some bottled water, then top it off with more ice. After I start driving, the drink is gone in an hour or so but I have ice for the whole trip! I just munch on it the rest of the way.

There are so many wonderful things in the world - even little things like ice - you just have to open your eyes and look for them - don't take things for granted - lots of things can make you happy, if you just let them.

Today's date - it is 1/11/11 - that is pretty cool !
My office is closed for a snow day - sweet !
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  1. Yay for the snow day! I'm hoping to have one tomorrow.

    OH and I get what you mean about the new bedding. I bought a new blanket the other day and I was tempted to sleep with that and forget the sheets.

  2. Lego ice would definitely make me smile!!

  3. What an uplifting post! That ice is too cool :)