Sunday, February 6, 2011

101 Things

I was reading somewhere on and someone posted about the website, it is sort of where you can put your list of things you want to do (somewhat of a Bucket List) but apparently you are supposed to complete these 101 things in 1,001 days.

I have never made, what I prefer to call a Life List, things I want to do - I'm not sure if I have 101 things but I do have several things so I might as well start listing them. Some of them I have accomplished, so I am including those too...I will add to this list as I move along - maybe eventually I will have 101 things...

Here they are in no particular order (just wrote them down as they popped into my brain)

1) See the Statue of Liberty
2) See the Alamo
3) See Mt. Rushmore - DONE
4) See the Golden Gate Bridge - DONE
5) Ride a Horse
6) Learn to Knit (already know crochet) - DONE
7) Give blood at least 3 times each year (2009-DONE, 2010-DONE, 2011)
8) Read 10 classic novels
9) See the Eiffle Tower in Paris
10) Vacation in London
11) Drive across the country
12) Drive up the east coast during Autumn
13) Send a secret into PostSecret
14) Complete Photo Project 365 (2009-DONE, 2010-DONE, 2011)
15) Get to my goal weight
16) Maintain my goal weight
17) Meet Donny Osmond - DONE (more than once!!)
18) Get new carpeting for the house DONE

19) Re-wallpaper (or paint) the bathroom
20) Complete my Las Vegas Scrapbook albums
21) Complete my 2 Disney trip scrapbook albums
22) Visit DisneyWorld/Universal - again DONE
23) Write my life story (biography)
24) Make my own recipe book
25) Walk up Stone Mountain (again)
26) Walk all the way around Stone Mountain
27) Finish ALL of my "work-in-progress" craft projects - only one more to go
28) Learn to knit with double-pointed-needles
29) Knit myself this hat
30) Knit myself a pair of fingerless gloves - DONE
31) Watch all of Season 1 & 2 episodes of Fringe (before season 3 starts)
32) Clean out the living room closet - DONE
33) Clean out the hall room closet - DONE
34) Clean out my bedroom closet - DONE
35) Set up a usuable scrap room
36) Make a will
37) Take a tour of Italy
38) See the Northwestern Coast (Oregon, Washington, Toronto)
39) Go to Yosemite
40) Get regular manicures
41) ???
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