Monday, December 26, 2011

Slocomb, Alabama - Tomato Nut

I have been trying to get a good photo of the new Tomato Nut in Slocomb, Alabama, but often I forget until I've driven by or someone will drive up behind me, so I haven't gotten a good photo of him, until now.

Slocumb is near Dothan, home of the National Peanut Festival, so several years ago, local artists painted over 40 peanuts and one of them had a home in Slocomb.  Slocomb happens to be the home of the Tomato, they combined a peanut, who loved tomatoes and Tomato Nut was born !!

He stands outside the bank and he use to look like this:

Then one day I noticed he was gone...where was the cute Tomato Nut ??

He then re-appeared but now his arms are outstretched and he has TWO baskets of tomatoes and a different shirt:

I also noticed the little plaque at his gone.  The bank did change names, it use to be Slocomb National Bank and now it is Friend Bank.  I think he is cute - with one basket or with two !

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